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For the love of Betsy.. ok it was actually Christen...

but who is counting right???

This past Saturday I struck out on yet another new adventure, similar and close to something I had done before and something I will yet do again, sorta.

Some time ago I signed up to run an 8K, it was Saturday, I finished it without crawling. My time was by no means close to any "real runner" but the fact that I did it and did not stop running the entire time I think counts as me being able to say I am some sort of runner. (Just not the fast kind)

As many of you know by my request for prayers, my beautiful friend Christen has been in and out of the hospital recently and has under gone numerous procedures and operations. This past week was no exception, I wanted to do something to raise her spirits and just let her know how much she was loved, so I decided to wear a shirt I had decorated especially for her. My first step in this process was to find out her favorite color, funny enough it was green and considering it was St Patty's day I couldn'…