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I am just not sure how to take that...

Thanks Jay!  Today we tackled Jockey's Ridge ... again. Again I wasn't my best out there in that sand pit. The first time I ran it was the week after my foot tried to rot off, this time I am dead in the middle of a week long "feel like total crap and exhaustion" session! Monday I felt the same way out there on the beach running and swimming for bootcamp then followed up by my worst 5K to date. Again like I said I have felt like crap. The thought right now is low potassium so I am trying to work on that and making sure I am doing what need to be done to keep me healthy and headed in the right direction. It is incredibly hard feeling like each time you work out you are going backwards. I KNOW I am not and I know that even though I am not feeling my best that getting out there and working out gets me one step farther than I would be if I had remained sitting on my butt. I know that when I get to feeling like me again I will be a bit faster and stronger than I was


After what feels like to have been 2 months "off" (it was 3 days) I have spent some time reevaluating and rethinking things. None of my goals have changed, I still have the desire and the determination to make them happen. Some days it is just hard. Yes I have come a long way in 5 months but the bottom line is I still have MUCH farther to go. When I looked at the numbers there are 50 more pounds to lose, which means I am not even half way through my journey. When your body just plain hurts just about 24/7 and you are giving it your all it is a tough pill to swallow. There is no real end to this particular road, it is an on going one of health and fitness but let me tell you it would be much healthier and fitter if I didn't have this other 50 lbs to lug around. While I am working hard and I know I am working hard (even when I don't show up for the Sunday runs) I never feel like what I am doing is enough. Like why can't I do 15 kickboxing classes a week, 4 bootc

My Best Friend

Let me tell you about my best friend, I do suppose the first thing I need to tell you is that he is well a he. Most girls I know their best bestest friend is a she, not me, but as he will quickly tell you I have never been one to exactly follow the rules. You know how when someone asks how long you have known your best friend and it feels like your whole life so you just say "oh forever", I am lucky enough that I actually have. He has been there through good things and bad and never once did I ever question how much exactly he loved me, even when he didn't particularly like me very much. I am sure when I was younger there were times he thought to himself "Lord what in the world did I ever do bad enough to have to put up with this?" I can't say I can blame him cause there were times I was really not the nicest person in the world, but not once did he ever give up on me. Oh, who am I kidding, he has probably thought that recently. I can say with complete

Honored Compliment

This past weekend I went to Mathews and spent some time with my Daddy and other friends. Most of them haven't seen me since before the half marathon so it was cool seeing their reactions and hearing the "Oh My Gosh's" and "You don't even look like you's". I can't wait until next time cause hopefully it will still be reactions of the same kind. By the way, I do look like me, just this me, the new me, the me I plan on keeping around for awhile, well less of the new me, but... oh for Pete's sake you get the point. One of the things about this blog that I don't particularly care for is that my Daddy has not been able to read it, because it is on the internets, and he doesn't do internets or computers, but I devised a plan last week and I spent the time and printed the whole thing off from back in January when I started this journey. I took it to him and I handed it to him in person and said you should read this. The response was "W

Pay Off

Last week was the first full week of a new boot camp, as you know we are the Clownfish. I keep hearing in my head the line that was on an old t shirt I had "Can not sleep clowns will eat me...." over and over and over, I guess when you look at it that way and consider my intense fear of clowns period it is quite a fierce fishy name. (Cut me some slack I am trying to make us something tougher than a shark) Things are meshing together so much that I don't really recall what exactly what we did last week at bootcamp. (Please Adam don't take this as means to make things harder so I remember better, my brain is old and you could kill me out there and I still won't remember, I got that from my Daddy). I know we ran and ran and ran, did sit ups, pushups, in the ocean out of the ocean so on and so forth. I do remember one thing from last week I wasn't the caboose any more. I also know that I will strive very hard not to be, and I completely felt ok with all we were