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Final Winter Night Camp: Night 2

What can I say, last night I was totally off my game, got light headed before I even made it a mile (Thanks JD for hanging on, encouraging me, and sticking with me to the end of the bike path), then before I was even over that I had the nerve pain happen again. It had started sneaking up while running a bit faster than I should have from the start, I am a slow slow slow starter, and sprints (and I didn't even sprint I just jogged fast) were on the plate from very close to the word Go! The final nail in the nerve ending coffin was the (shutter) curb push ups, which leaves me on my toes and puts extra pressure on the area that hurts. Either way, I kept on going and did the Indian run and then fell back a bit as slowing down to a walk is the only thing that helps the muscle decrease and not push on those nerves so badly. Many thanks to Coach Todd for listening to me explain what was going on and just jogging it in to the rest of the group with me. At that point we stopped and did 3

Last Night Camp: Night One

Last night our night camp team embarked on the first of the last 12 night sessions for the season, this morning I thought it would be neat, since I do end up blogging about bootcamp most of the time now anyway, to journal about every session this camp. The team met at Knuckle Up at 5:15 last night for our last minute sign ins and for some of us to just get over our jitters. I don't care how many camps or races I do my nerves get me before each one, it isn't even fear of the unknown any more I KNOW what is coming, oh hmmmm maybe that is why the fear! We were missing a few of the regulars last night as one is on a cruise and another had her childs birthday, so we will welcome back Anissa and KC on Wednesday, however, we did have about ten campers show up, and believe me just having the guts to show up is something to be proud of, we are not a camp of ease. You will be pushed to your breaking point and beyond just so someone can show you that wasn't exactly your breaking poi

Iron Cross and a Weigh in

Who knew there was such a thing? I didn't until last night in the gym. After a grueling hour of kickboxing handed to me by the wonderful Trainer Don Williams we finished up with a bit of ab work. One thing I hate to hear is feet off the floor, come on that mess hurts like the dickens. I know, I know, it is one of the only ways I will actually have muscles there and not this tire of flab I have now but OUCH! So one can imagine my horror when shortly after Don said "Feet at 6 inches" he followed up with "ARMS OUT STRAIGHT FROM YOUR SIDES!"  My brain went.. "Whoa dude are you kidding me? My hands are under my butt so I can hold my feet up the 6 inches you just asked for, now you want me to hold my feet up and move my arms out to the sides? That isn't possible, my feet will fall." Some how, some way I manged to get my arms out straight, so now I have my feet 6 inches off the floor and my arms out like a cross, and I realize. "Hey I am doing this

Happy Birthday Me!

No today was not the day I was actually born, but today was the day last year that I decided to take control back of my life and my health. In that time I have met and completed so many goals (races mainly) that I planned, I am much healthier, much smaller, much stronger. However,  I am not close to the weight goal that I have set for myself and I have many many runs on my plate this year! 2012 was an amazing year of starts, I am hoping that 2013 will be an amazing year of the end. While there is no END to being and living healthy I want to end the weight loss portion of the journey, that is incredibly important to me. I have chosen, as many of you know 50 lbs as my goal for the year and that will get me incredibly close to my over all goal. When I reach that point I plan on evaluating size and fitness and see if I need to really lose more.  I am adding in weights and strength training to my regimen so I don't exactly want to be skinny or a hard body, something beautifully in b

Everything you Missed Last week...

Last week in Review! (warning it is long) 2 January Having completed two half marathons, and logging in almost 100 organized run miles in 2012, I would like to enhance my goals in 2013 by focusing on healthy eating, weight lose, and fitness. Our Outer Banks Bootcamp Coaches have repeatedly stated we should pick a goal or event, sign up for it, tell our friends, Facebook (or Tumblr) it, and pay for it. I have chosen my goal of 50 pounds weight loss, this is my way of signing up for it, telling my friends and facebooking all in one shot, and paying for it, well if having my life, workouts, and weight loss posted for all the world to see isn’t a price to pay I don’t know what is. :) Now lets get this show on the road! 3 January Yesterday’s exercise was brought to us by Coaches and Todd at Outer Banks Bootcamps, up and town Holy Hill (Wright Brothers National Memorial), I think Joanne counted we went up and down 5 and 1/2 times I don’t even remember to be honest

Tumblr and Tumbling both have been put behind me...

So I tried tumblr (this is going to be funny in a minute cause I also tried tumbling last night)  and while I really liked the format I am hoping that maybe most of you were used to coming here, and that is why my traffic was basically one (Thank you Christen for being the one), however, tumblr is a bit harder to check your stats too. So back to the neighborhood I am. At least I hope that was it and it wasn't that my writing just stinks! This week flew by and was filled with ups and downs, by downs I mean a full on face plant in the dark of Nags Head Woods last night. I will just consider it a little extra Spartan training. There was blood and everything. To go into a little back ground of what last nights work out was all about, we met at Nags Head Woods Parking lot right about dark and were going to run, yes run, in the woods, in the dark (there's a road), about a tenth of a mile in Adam dished out the next surprise, no talking, which meant,  no words, no encouragement, no

Moving Sale!

For now Gone Coastal has moved... to here! Re's Ramblings   - for just ramblings and to here! Operation TLC for weight loss, health and fitness stuff I did not want my non facebookers to miss out on Operation TLC! Much Love Re

Operation 50 LTC in 2013

Now that we are well into 2013, it is time to get off my butt and make a difference! My goal is to make a difference in myself, as well at help others along the way. I am not what anyone would consider "coaches" material yet, unless you want to count the support I will give to anyone from the back of the pack, but I will get there.  I am not sure I am cut out to LEAD a group so much as just support every person in the group and some that do not know they belong in the group yet, again that is something that will sort itself out on it's own. I am just home from a wonderful holiday with my friends and family in Virginia, sadly I did not get to see all that I would have liked, however, those that I did spend time I appreciated each second,  family from both my parents sides, to friends and "Friend", to the wonderful family that adopted my dad and now me, and yes the boyfriend. I unfortunately also feel like I ate my way through the entire trip, every time