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Why you will be hearing about my Spartan for a long time.

First and foremost it was the most physically and emotionally brutal thing I have ever done. My feet were not ready and by mile 6 of the Super I was done. Completely done. I knew I had completed over two thirds of the race at this point and was still at the point of not caring anymore. In the middle of the woods on some trail with stumps and roots and rocks and mud and ditches and a team waiting on me I yelled out… “@#$# this race, @#$# a Spartan, @#$@ a Trifecta, I am DONE!” Then I realized the only way to actually be done would be to get to the end. There was no rescue team, there were no flares to send up, it was me and my own strength to get me to the next obstacle. I made it there completely beaten, feeling like a failure as I had for the last 3 miles, and a team mate asked me what was wrong.. the response to my whine was a snark, which was deserved. Here I was at mile whatever it was, almost 8 by this point I think, on the last 6 obstacles of 28 and I was still a fai


I feel like I completely and utterly failed today. I knew going in that I was going to lolly gag around because hello 8 to 10 miles in less than 48 hours from now on a foot that isn't 100%.  What I didn't think was that it would be so damn hard!  Ten minutes in I couldn't breathe. Huffing and a puffing. It was completely stupid.  I have felt better after 30 burpees than I did tackling that dune today.  Some where I found the fortitude to keep going. It is that same grit and determination I am going to need to find for this weekend so I hope the well doesn't run dry before noon on Sunday. I don't know what I was thinking signing up for this thing... no wait TWO of this thing! Nervousness could have played a role in today's nonperformance, with each step this morning I thought "How in the world am I going to to make it up the side of a mountain! I can't get up this stupid dune without crawling." Then HELLO IT HITS ME well on the way home it did.