I feel like I completely and utterly failed today. I knew going in that I was going to lolly gag around because hello 8 to 10 miles in less than 48 hours from now on a foot that isn't 100%.  What I didn't think was that it would be so damn hard!  Ten minutes in I couldn't breathe. Huffing and a puffing. It was completely stupid.  I have felt better after 30 burpees than I did tackling that dune today. 

Some where I found the fortitude to keep going. It is that same grit and determination I am going to need to find for this weekend so I hope the well doesn't run dry before noon on Sunday. I don't know what I was thinking signing up for this thing... no wait TWO of this thing! Nervousness could have played a role in today's nonperformance, with each step this morning I thought "How in the world am I going to to make it up the side of a mountain! I can't get up this stupid dune without crawling." Then HELLO IT HITS ME well on the way home it did.. if I need to I will crawl up the dang mountain too! There are so many things about this weekend that are scaring me a bit, some in my control, some out of my control. I want to go into this with the thought of just having fun, but that stupid competitive side of me doesn't want to finish with some outrageously horrible time and I certainly do NOT want to be the girl that holds my team back.

I feel like I trained the best I could for this thing. I have picked things up and put them down for months now. I am stronger than ever and yes I can dead lift my boyfriend if I wanted to, but that run thing has me all out of sorts today. I know that I will be mainly walking this thing and that makes me sad for the rest of my team. It's too late now for me to go back and fix my run training, I couldn't undo the foot problem in enough time and heaven knows I have been trying. So frustrating.

I am pretty positive this is all nerves talking and when I get there in the heat of the moment, with the other Spartans I will be just fine and will perform at my best.  This is just the avenue I am using to dump all of this nonsense out of my head so that I can just chill for the next 48 hours!

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Peace and Love
Re Run


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