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Where I ought to be.

It always amazes me the connections that Bootcamp has with so many other things in my life, like how some random preacher kid last night made me realize what I was leaving OUT of Bootcamp and why it was so hard on me, well played Cody Harris well played. I know now what I left out all these months, or left at home, or left somewhere else. I do have to remember that God needs to be everywhere not just in church. Prior to hearing the powerful message at church last night I was at Bootcamp, (yes I did go to church smelly and sweaty, and I was still welcomed with literal open arms!) and while we were standing in yet another church parking lot, (apparently I needed church last night) Coach Adam spoke about giving Bootcamp our all, about having a goal, about how bootcamp can make you feel so much better and for us to celebrate our accomplishments and be proud of the work we put in. While he was talking all I could think was, yea and I have now learned how miserable and bad I feel when I am