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Another one in the books...

Bootcampers Storm the Hill. On Friday Deanna and I graduated our first bootcamp that we did together. I am incredibly proud that she did this and stuck to it and is down a total of 16 lbs. I am not down anything because well summer hit and I decided to party too much, more on that later. Deanna and me Thursday night late I received a text message from my good friend Amy telling me that we were going to run to the monument in record time the next morning. My first reaction was "Hahahahaha NOT!" then I figured oh what the heck.. why not. So I went to sleep in fear of the next morning after setting TWO alarm clocks and reminding Deanna to set hers as well. Turned out to be a really good thing I asked her, because neither of mine went off! After jumping up 20 minutes late and rushing around like a mad woman I got to the meeting spot on time and sent Deanna off in search of the Middle School, imagine my horror as I watched her pull out of the parking lot going the wron