It's Spartan Week!

I have been training for this sucker for months now. MONTHS. I don't train for anything.. ever.. so this is kinda new to me. I am ready as I am going to be short of the run part. That I will just deal with that the best I can or walk it. I start I finish that is all that matters. :)

I am taking it easy on my foot this week, I want it the best that it can be for this event. That is what is important to me right now. No more weights, no more sit ups, no more tire tosses are going to improve any of this weekends performance. The only thing that can possibly help now is getting my feet to a good place.

I did a silly silly thing last night I spent some time looking at the Spartan obstacles and honestly I scared myself. I don't really know if I can pull this off.  I think the part that is worrying me a bit is I did train for this. I did prepare my body for the harshness of heavy lifting and worked the technique of spear throwing, worked out a plan for the wall and the rope (that would be burpees). I prepared.. and now I am concerned. Every other time I have done this I have winged it. Just went out there and done it with no thought no prep no training. Each of those times it was expected that I would probably fail, at least in my own mind, so finishing came as a surprise. This time is different. This time I am not just winging it. I set a plan in action months ago and I followed through with everything I could, short of that dang run, stupid feet. If I fail at this it will be a devastating hit. I don't think I have ever been in this situation. I would ultimately like to keep up with my team but chances are I won't and that is ok, that won't define failure to me. Failure will be to not finish that is the only failure I have in front of me this weekend. Not finishing. Quite frankly it is my only fear.

Seems odd right?

The truth is there is more riding on this weekend than a medal or two. It's part one and two of my unicorn. Just a few short weeks before Deanna's accident I had completed my very first Spartan. The plan was to complete the trifecta by obtaining a finish in the sprint, the super, and the beast. After the accident it just did not happen. I allowed my registrations to slip by unused. I failed to even try or care for that matter. I didn't have the strength physically or mentally to face the challenge. Today I believe I am ready to face the obstacles, not only those that stand in front of me physically but those that dwell deep in my heart and soul. It is time to break out of the chains of pain, it is time for life to have meaning and not just happen around me. It is time.

So I ask you this weekend.. just take a second and talk to my girl.. send her to be with her mama and the rest of the OBXBootcamps Team as we embark on this journey once again.

Love and Peace
Re Run

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