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He who has the most Christmas decorations wins!

I have no idea what he and/or she wins but I am sure it is something. At one time, not very long ago, I thought my beautiful Aunt Ann (Hi Aunt Ann!!) had this prize in the bag. Then there was the house in Gloucester that I thought had the prize in the bag, turns out I was wrong there too.

Come to find out the guy who has the prize in the bag has been working on getting his Christmas lights up since (drum roll please) August 4th. A.U.G.U.S.T.4.TH!!!! He told me the other night that he did not finish the last thing until December 10th but he lit them anyway on Thanksgiving night as is his tradition. I would have loved to have followed in CBW's foot steps and interviewed the guy but as it was there was people milling all about and he was rather busy. I did get a chance to say hello and let him know that his display was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen.

Even as am adult I felt like a child there, not knowing which direction to look first, being amazed at every turn, and ju…

Puppy Pics

I mean really who doesn't like puppy pics!

This is how the little guy likes to ride.

And this little guy is way too cute for words.
He loves the Hallmark dancing Snowman from a bazillion years ago it seems.
I may go get him the new one.

We are all making out well and are very happy.
We like naps lots of naps... and snuggling with foxes.


King Mugley Outer Banx Haywood.... we shall call him Banx from here on out cause really does a 2 lb dog need a name that out weighs him??

Mallory and I trying to figure out if he has an underbite.

The little guy is napping in my lap as I type this and seems to be adjusting well to his new home.

I on the other hand will need some adjusting to the midnight and 2 am potty calls but after the 2 am break he settles in for the rest of the night and doesn't seem to mind sleeping in until 7ish.

I am sure there will be lots of pictures of the little guy as he grows up and plenty of stories but for now I will leave you with this... when he runs he sounds like a squeaky toy!

Please wait for me!!!

Shew.. caught you now pick me up!


Yes I know I am cute!

Sea Glass

So I know I said that this blog was not going to be a blog with lots of words.. I didn't necessarily lie it is just evolving, as I do, to my new life here at the beach. So today you get words because I think if I am going to be yelled at you should probably be too. Come on now, don't get upset I am just sharing the love.

So today I went on my "walk" early, I know you have no idea what my "walk" is or why it is so meaningful but just know that it is and I will explain that sometime, maybe soon. I will tell you that I have become quite the sea glass collector on these daily walks. The sand today was quite smooshy, which means it was like walking in creek mud for an hour so my legs felt like complete jello, but in the end it felt great and I found a cute little piece of sea glass to add to my collection.

Finally I was almost back to the Pier and the end of my walk was in close reach.. then this lady caught my eye. She was just standing there staring out at the…

Some days randomness is in order..

After an overnight trip to Mathews on Saturday for my Daddy's 50th class reunion from Mathews High, I came home hoping for a lazy Sunday afternoon with a nap or two, ok maybe three. Phyllis on the other hand had a different plan for my afternoon and 4 miles from home called and said HURRY UP AND GET HERE we are going to Hatteras before the bridge floats away again.

The 1961 Class of Mathews High

Old Friends Catching Up

I should have taken heed to this warning

I may have ended up in a situation or two..

I was laughing so hard I couldn't take the pic of her running to hide from the cops or the dump police. Honestly I don't know WHAT she is running from.. I just gave her the go go go wave and she took off like a baby deer on opening day.

Some people want a house on the sound instead of the ocean.. I doubt they were going for a house IN the sound.. sad.

Sadder still this house and the one next to it are headed into the ocean.

But what can brighten anyone's day? A tune or two!

Road …


Some days the sun just does not want to cooperate with me, or maybe it is the clouds or something I don't know, either way, those are the days that you just sigh and turn to go back home feeling just a tiny bit lost and out of sorts. Today was one of those days, sorta, I sat and watched the waves crash, and listened to the surf crash and the birds fly instead of turning and going back home.

I realized that most mornings I don't get the chance to do this because I have the camera at the ready waiting for that perfect sunrise shot. I was marveling at the treasures I had missed by staring at the bright spot all the time and thinking of how that reflected on my life. (no.. I was not drinking already this morning thank you very much)

As I turned to rush back home to take the boy child to school I was presented with yet another gift ...

Maybe God is trying to tell me to slow down and enjoy all that I have and stop looking at that one bright spot, because there is so much more this worl…

Happy Birthday Aunt Ann

I am never very good at remembering birthday's so I won't lie and say I did this time, I had a little birdie remind me.

I would however like to wish my Aunt Ann a wonderful birthday TODAY, it's her 70th!!!! A special day, just as she is to all of us!

Thank you for all you have done for me these shots are for you. Love you much!

See the little sliver of moon left in the sky as the new day begins?

Lighting up the clouds with just a wink of sun

Have a super beautiful day and be sure to wish my beautiful Aunt Happy Birthday!!!!!!