Some days randomness is in order..

After an overnight trip to Mathews on Saturday for my Daddy's 50th class reunion from Mathews High, I came home hoping for a lazy Sunday afternoon with a nap or two, ok maybe three. Phyllis on the other hand had a different plan for my afternoon and 4 miles from home called and said HURRY UP AND GET HERE we are going to Hatteras before the bridge floats away again.

The 1961 Class of Mathews High

Old Friends Catching Up

I should have taken heed to this warning

I may have ended up in a situation or two..

I was laughing so hard I couldn't take the pic of her running to hide from the cops or the dump police. Honestly I don't know WHAT she is running from.. I just gave her the go go go wave and she took off like a baby deer on opening day.

Some people want a house on the sound instead of the ocean.. I doubt they were going for a house IN the sound.. sad.

Sadder still this house and the one next to it are headed into the ocean.

But what can brighten anyone's day? A tune or two!

Road side Piano Bar

This is Bruce. Bruce is walking across America.

We really liked Bruce and you can read about Bruce and his walk HERE!!!

I bet that first step is a doozey.

Suspect Grave

So you see sometimes a bunch of random stops and photos can be kinda cool, throw in a cemetery with a suspect grave and you have an AWESOME Sunday afternoon. My wish for all of you is that you enjoy the randomness in your life as much as I do.


Daryl said…
too much fun .. thanks for sharing, made me SMILE big

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