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One Fox, Two Peacocks and a Chupacabra

Last night was a bit different that any other Bootcamp that I have attended, in that it was the most brutal! The story needs to be told, but first some prelim.

When I got to the gym it was weigh in night for me, yes I hate weighing in at night, yes I hate weighing in with clothes, but I also like my morning sleeps this time of year and the gym prefers that I keep covered (something about law suits and blindness.. I don't know) so alas on the scale at 5 pm with clothes on I went. It was up by 2.4 pounds from last week. I, of course, cussed the scale, threw it through the window, and stormed out of the gym. (ok what I really did was text Matt saying that I hated the freaking thing.. see I didn't even really cuss, some times fiction is just funnier) I didn't realize at this point he was on his way in and when we talked he said it could be a number of things, water, salt, time of day, different clothes... lots of scenarios. Last night after he looked at my journal there are a …

It's a bird.. It's a plane.. It's a flying whale???

Thanks to Leslie we have a visual of what we did in bootcamp last night, even though she did it this morning not that timing matters, the important part is the Flying Whale! Ok not really, the important part is that we did it! The Flying Whale part is just a fun little fact that Leslie pointed out. See the monument circle it looks like a Flying Whale. Maybe we can have Matt call this particular work out the Flying Whale from now on, it will make it sound less brutal that it really is.

The evening started with us meeting behind the monument at the airport parking lot and there was speculation that the reason for different parking was because we were going to be so brutalized on the monument they did not want us crawling across the road to get back to our cars at Aviation Park. Things didn't really happen that way. I was really happy to be back out in the open with my team and we all greeted each other cheerfully and did a warm up stretch or two.

Matt led the troops last night, and…

The voice of experience...

because lets face it, reason is not my strong suit.

So I saw on Facebook yesterday the Outer Banks Bootcamp's Flying Pirate Training event pop up and memories of last year flashed through my brain like I have heard happens moments before your death.  (not that I have talked to anyone that has actually died but .. oh never mind) Just fleeting thoughts of struggles, failures, triumphs, and over all success. It dawned on me that there are others out there on the fence about their first half marathon and if they should try.

The easy answer to that is YES YOU SHOULD TRY. What exactly is holding you back? Fear??

What do you have to be afraid of? You can already run, most of you that I am talking to have already completed 5k and 8ks! The day I showed up for my first training for the Flying Pirate last year I could run, I certainly could, I owned that whole minute I could run. Yes you read that right ONE MINUTE! That was as far as I had ever run before in my life. The rest of the story of…

Woot Woot .. I'mmmm Baaccccckkkk

Said in a sing songy dance on the tables voice, not a Johnny I am bashing down your door with an axe voice, unless you don't like me then read it the other way, because really, if you don't like me WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOG!

Sorry, the meds haven't kicked in yet apparently.

Anyhoo, as you have noticed, or maybe not noticed, I haven't written a blog in a few weeks and the reason for that is because I have been in the deep dark pit of aggravation known as I hurt myself again and I couldn't bootcamp so I hated the world. Ok, not the world just my lower legs, who in turn hated me for hurting them because I am an idiot who doesn't listen.

I rested my legs as told, and did upper body work, then my body decided to revolt all together and shut me down for a couple of days with some kind of horrid stomach virus, so COMPLETE rest was what I needed and it is what I took. Late last week I realized that 1. my legs were no longer hurting while walking down the stairs, 2. I…

Obsessed.. Really??

Last night in discussing how my legs still hurt when running and last night was one of the worst times yet (why because I don't listen to myself or anyone else and I TRY to keep going even though I know that the only way the pain will subside is to walk until it eases out) and that it just wasn't getting better and appeared more to be getting worse.. I was told I was obsessed with this whole weight loss thing. When I inquired as to what that meant, I was informed that the post about the scale, the food, the races, workout was obsessive.

My first thought was "Well @#$%#@$#% you." but what I actually said was "Then don't watch it." No one has to read my blog, you don't have to like my Operation 50 TLC page, heck you don't even have to be my friend on Facebook. Especially if you have gone to McDonald's every day since 1983 and still haven't gained an ounce. You have no idea what this is like for someone who has struggled all their life with…

What's in your bootcamp...

So lately I have seen on Facebook that other friends from other places are doing this bootcamp or that bootcamp or the other bootcamp. I have the hardest time not pulling a Gene Wilder on them.

I want to ask questions, what do you do at bootcamp, what are your instructors like, do you go to the beach, do you work out around your town, do you participate in events as a team.. I am full of questions. I don't ask because I am concerned I will sound rude, when I walk away with the only reply that I can give is... "oh". I just don't think they could possibly have what we have, I mean in all seriousness to quote Jay Bowman "Look where we live!". They don't have our play ground and that is a piece of the puzzle as to why Outer Banks Bootcamp is who they are.

Another piece, they don't have our coaches. Coaches who with just a tap on the back, or a quick look tell you volumes about how you are doing. Coaches who answer the craziest of emails and talk you ov…