Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One Fox, Two Peacocks and a Chupacabra

Last night was a bit different that any other Bootcamp that I have attended, in that it was the most brutal! The story needs to be told, but first some prelim.

When I got to the gym it was weigh in night for me, yes I hate weighing in at night, yes I hate weighing in with clothes, but I also like my morning sleeps this time of year and the gym prefers that I keep covered (something about law suits and blindness.. I don't know) so alas on the scale at 5 pm with clothes on I went. It was up by 2.4 pounds from last week. I, of course, cussed the scale, threw it through the window, and stormed out of the gym. (ok what I really did was text Matt saying that I hated the freaking thing.. see I didn't even really cuss, some times fiction is just funnier) I didn't realize at this point he was on his way in and when we talked he said it could be a number of things, water, salt, time of day, different clothes... lots of scenarios. Last night after he looked at my journal there are a few things that I can tweak a bit, cut out the bread (I use whole wheat sandwich rounds) and the almond milk, apparently it isn't always about the calories, but what KIND of calories. Ok enough of that and lets get on to the good stuff.

As I said, The General was at the gym and suited up, I kept a mindful eye on the parking lot and noticed rather quickly that Adam and Todd were both late, which I might add is a rare occurance. There was some chit chatting and hellos and OMGs it's colds going on with our tiny little bootcamp group at the beginning of the night. Our group consisted of Mike, JD, Cory, Micah, Stacey and myself.. in and out the gym we went trying to stay slightly warm, silently wishing that Adam would show up and say "Ok get up stairs we are in the building tonight"! There are a couple of things that one must know about bootcamp before I go on,

1. Whatever you wish for, the opposite will happen
2. If you speak aloud your most brutal bootcamp, it will be trumped

I made both of these fatal errors last night. You already know I was wishing for inside work as it was 36 degrees and falling (not to mention the head wind already felt like 31 and the sun was still up). My other mistake was verbalizing that my most brutal bootcamp was the 10 night of the 8-9-10 challenge and that I had no desire to do it again. Or maybe I said it was the 8 (which was really like 11 but never mind that) the brutal point was running in the dark, alone, because I was so far behind. It is easy to mentally defeat yourself when you are alone. Keep this in mind as I tell the rest of the story please.

I was standing in the gym with Micah and Stacey chatting when Matt walks up and says don't worry about the scale I am getting ready to work it off of you right now and he doesn't walk out the door, he doesn't stroll out the door, dude RUNS out the door and then immediately says.. "LET'S GO" umm what wait no niceties.. no hi's how are ya'll.. no warnings of impeding death... just "LET'S GO". Also I might mention here that neither Adam or Todd were anywhere to be seen (I hope they aren't sick or something). On the way out of the parking lot a fellow camper said "This can't be good" my only response was "Nope probably not".

As many of you know I have been battling my legs in that I continuously injure them from trying to go to far to fast, by far I don't necessarily mean distance but speed, exercise type, that kind of thing and have had to resign myself to running really slowly or it is just going to happen again until I can get them completely healed and stronger, so it wasn't long before everyone was WAY ahead of me last night because what we were doing, running, and from the looks of things from the start The General had no ideas of stopping.. anywhere. We ran and we turned here and we ran and we turned there and we ran and we turned again... you get the picture right. It didn't take me long to wonder, how will I know which way to go at the cross roads, then I thought well maybe I can say I didn't know which way you went so I went to back to the gym.. hahahahahahaaha I should have known better. Matt wasn't going to leave me out there alone but so long, and at each cross roads he had the team wait on me. (humiliating on one hand.. giving them a break on the other .. silver linings right??) I will also point out here that being the last one in.. that means no breaks, about the time I would catch up OFF they went, which was probably better for me because the couple of times I did have to stop (cross streets and such it was a bit painful to restart). We ran and we ran and we ran and it was getting darker and darker and darker and I thought to myself, there is no way on Earth I am going to make it to church on time.

I did see some interesting things last night, a peacock in a tree that sat there mocking me, it actually asked who I thought I was trying to have peacock hair, I laughed at it and responded with how do you know you don't have Re hair, it was still pondering that as I ran off. Another peacock that chased me down the road, I think one peacock called the other saying that a crazy peacock lady was on the way and I needed chasing, or maybe it wanted my number I don't know. Then there was the Chupacabra in the woods, while I was in the dark on the bike path on Woods road, up in one of the twisty parts that has the real road blocked a bit. I knew it was going to kill me so I ran faster. Chances are it was a squirrel but it really sounded like the Chupacabra at the time. A fox, yes I saw a fox, there are hundreds of them on the beach, this one was either rabid and slightly stupid, very friendly and tame, or new that I couldn't possibly do it any harm at the snails pace I was running as it just kinda hung out and watched me a minute then just eased across the road like I was nothing more than something to be ignored. And last but not least the seagull that past me on the beach (yes I said beach I am getting to that) I wasn't going down without a fight so I caught up to that mangy seagull (do seagulls get mangy) and past it back and I didn't let it catch me again! Did I mention the seagull was also dead? What an animal packed adventure it was!

Now back to the running part, (I needed a break from typing about it I was getting tired) on Woods Road I knew it was getting late, I knew we weren't going to make it back to the gym by 6:45 if we turned around right then, I also knew that we wouldn't make it back by 6:45 if we ran straight down beach road. Close to the end of Woods Road I was doing a lot of time calculating, mileage calculating, and well, life calculating because I really thought I may die. I also, during this stretch of run, KNEW where Todd and Adam were and why no one said why they weren't there. This was all a big joke and Matt had them waiting on us at Kitty Hawk Elementary... we got there.. no Todd and Adam. Oh wait we haven't quite gone 5 miles yet, they are at the Food Lion.. no Todd and Adam. Oh maybe he has them at Handy Hugo's.. NO TODD OR ADAM! PS. I cussed you both. Now keep in mind up until this part it was running, running and more running and my slow legs were tolerating the over all beating rather well. No serious pain, no need to walk, no tears, no homicidal thoughts toward mail boxes, while the humiliation of going so slow was there there was some triumph in the fact that I was in fact still going!

When I made it to Handy Hugo's the team was in the parking lot and Matt was missing, I immediately inquired as to where he was, in hopes he was calling us all a cab. Someone speculated that he went in for hot chocolate, my guess is because he was cold from standing there waiting on me. I knew at this point where I was and that we were running back down beach road to the gym and that we had roughly 3 miles to go to get there. I mentally told myself .. you got this just keep at your slow pace and you will finish. Again we got the Matt "LET'S GO" and off he went towards Beach Road.. SCCRRREEEEEEEAAAAACCCCCCCCHHHHH! HE MADE A HARD LEFT.. NO NO NO WHAT THE HELL MATT NO YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO GO STRAIGHT THE ROAD IS STRAIGHT.. THERE IS NOTHING TO THE LEFT.. NO NO NO OMG I AM DEAD! (side note I am thankful now that at the time I was way to tired to actually scream because I am sure my team mates would not have known what to do with me if I had a mental break down and that was all in my head.. I think) We actually went to the beach, where at the pier Matt says.. to Black Pelican. Which means that the 3 miles home were all going to be ON THE BEACH.

The sand was loose in most places, uneven in a lot, and none existent in others. I knew it was going to take me a LONG time to get back to the gym this way, but trudging along was all I could do. I ran (or jogged it if you will) for as long as I could and my legs just couldn't take it, they were toast so I fast walked. Thankfully Cory waited on me to catch up at one point and we stuck together the rest of the way in. Even after I begged him to take the road the rest of the way because of his knee, he stayed right there on the beach and along we went. We would run a little, walk a little and slowly but surely we were getting closer. There was a time or two that I lied and said we didn't have much farther to go and I think he quit believing me at one point so I fessed up and said "Yea I know where we are.. it's a lot farther" (Sisper we had just passed the white house with yellow shutters that Brandi swims to!) Some how we both ended up with wet feet, and I managed to end up wet up to my knees, but we kept going. I am grateful he didn't leave me out there because I think I would have broken and just sat down on the sand and cried. (if I could have found enough to sit on)

FINALLY up in the distance I see the house in the ocean, you know the one, the one that means we are REALLY REALLY CLOSE. I told Cory we just have to make it to that house and it isn't even a half a mile away. He mumbled "yea right" (I think I cried wolf too much for him) I said no "Dude seriously this is the house we run to when we are boxing on the beach for warm up.. we don't have much farther" I think he responded with a "uh ha" which said.. "Lady if you don't shut up I am going to throw you completely in the ocean and let the Orca Matt was talking about eat you" I stopped talking.  Around the house we went and I knew we were close.. so close I could taste it. I kept looking for the access, in the dark and since the storms it looks so different I wasn't sure where to go then all of a sudden like a great Indian Chief my fearless leader appears on top of the dune! "Look Cory! There's Matt! Do you see Matt? He's right there! I told you we didn't have much farther to go!" I believe he mumbled that he didn't see nothing as he was shoving me in the ocean but I wasn't so sure over the sound of water rushing around my ears.

Matt met us at the top of that little dune and told us that we had done a good job and all I could utter was that it was brutal. This was all well and good but guess who still had a good half a mile to get back to the gym. US! GUESS how we were getting back there.. RUNNING! Off we went again, and as much pain and torture we had put our bodies through to get to that point I have to say that neither of us walked a step on the way back to the gym and straight to the door we ran. It was slow, it took a long time for me, some of my team mates waited around lots longer than I wish that had to, but each and every one of us completed last night. For that I think we did amazing!

I do also have to say that Cory got me through last night, between the coming backs, the waiting, and the just staying on the beach instead of taking the road, the man deserves a medal! (even if he did call me delusional) I will get him one if he doesn't kill me for writing this blog (keep in mind people that sometimes fiction is funnier than the truth.. I will leave it to you to decide what's what)

Much Love

PS.. I can walk today and actually pretty much pain free! That in itself is a HUGE thing.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's a bird.. It's a plane.. It's a flying whale???

Thanks to Leslie we have a visual of what we did in bootcamp last night, even though she did it this morning not that timing matters, the important part is the Flying Whale! Ok not really, the important part is that we did it! The Flying Whale part is just a fun little fact that Leslie pointed out. See the monument circle it looks like a Flying Whale. Maybe we can have Matt call this particular work out the Flying Whale from now on, it will make it sound less brutal that it really is.

The evening started with us meeting behind the monument at the airport parking lot and there was speculation that the reason for different parking was because we were going to be so brutalized on the monument they did not want us crawling across the road to get back to our cars at Aviation Park. Things didn't really happen that way. I was really happy to be back out in the open with my team and we all greeted each other cheerfully and did a warm up stretch or two.

Matt led the troops last night, and we took off at a nice slower pace a lap around the monument and then up we went. I was very grateful for the slow pace even though I still fell behind farther than the rest I knew I was doing the right thing for my legs. Starting VERY VERY slowly until warm up is a MUST or they just begin to cramp or pull again. I will admit I was slightly concerned for the monument as all the research I had done pointed to "up hills" being a major contributor to soleus muscle pain. That first trip up I took it slower than slow and I made it up, the second, third and forth trips up were equally as slow and by the second trip up I had to really pay attention to my foot fall as it was beginning to cramp. I did something that I rarely do.. I listened to my body and heard it say "Hold on there Lucy.. even this out, take your time, you KNOW what will happen next if you push it." (side note: I don't know why I call myself Lucy sometimes but I do) On one of the trips I caught Adam's attention and just said "Cramping" and got the "acknowledgement nod". The "acknowledgement nod" is a crucial thing for me sometimes, because the opposite of this is the "Excuse head shake" which means shut up and do more, try harder, you aren't giving it your all, and me being me, I would have pushed until I was in a pile of pain again. I really have to stop doing that or I am just going to continue to spin my wheels.

While we were up on the monument we performed the Flying Whale, it was a matter of going down each side, East, West and North, then back up and performing a series of one legged box jumps which this white girl with no rhythm never mastered and 20 squats. I really paid attention to detail on the squats and held my head and chest up. I know that because today I feel it! After we all completed the task.. (many thanks to Jamie for being there by me and getting me up and down that hill all three times) The General led us down the hell (yes that is a typo but I decided it was fitting and left it) and across the street towards Aviation park, I managed to stay closer to the group until we were across the road but then realized I was starting to cramp so I held back and walked a bit and took the time to take my sweat shirt off.. it was HOT! We were on our way to the track so I ran a bit and walked a bit until I made it over. I would apologize for being last in but it seemed that the team was taking a welcomed break until I made it to them :) At the track we ran 100's, 200's and a 400 that I was more than grateful to make it around the track for, seriously by that point I was pooped.

While those laps are not my favorite thing prior to, or during, I always look back and realize I did learn something and I actually enjoy track time. Last night was no exception, I learned I had more sprint in me at the end than I was putting out. I know what held me back, fear. I need to learn how to pick the wheels up that last quarter and not be afraid of a flat tire when relanding. I will get there. I also worked really hard on keeping my head up and holding ski poles last night, yes I did see a difference, and it is something that I have to work on because the movement itself is different on my shoulders. I didn't realize I was actually doing the across the body arm swing until Adam physically held my arms straight. The imaginary ski poles did end up helping me through out the night, on a number of occasions I caught myself needing to visualize them in my hands.

After all the track work it was time to head back to the parking lot where I did indeed want to crawl to, but I didn't. I ran most of the way back with the exception of one little pit stop to check on a fellow cramper.. there I go with the typos again but it is fitting as well.. CAMPER! All in all it was a great night, I came home nice and sore from the goodness of a well rounded work out but without the need to attempt to chop my legs off at the knees.  I woke up this morning and walked the dog without limping down the stairs but with the satisfaction of the burn in my thighs. This is the feeling I want to maintain, success without injury, workout without defeat, soreness without pain. I am working towards it more and more every day and my journey will continue. I still say 2013 is going to be MY year! The year of Re!

There was one tiny downside to yesterday, by the time I got home the shrimp salad I had waiting for me did nothing more than turn my stomach. I had a protein shake with some fruit and almond milk instead, which dropped my calories way too low because I missed an entire meal yesterday. I need to study and figure how to swap things around on bootcamp nights or kickboxing nights as eating is just not something I care to do afterwards. This is the second time this week this has happened, Monday was also the same, I had my turkey burger waiting so I could have it on the way to church and I only managed to get two bites down. Any suggestions on this subject are greatly appreciated!

Hope you all are having a wonderful wonderful day!
Much Love

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The voice of experience...

because lets face it, reason is not my strong suit.

So I saw on Facebook yesterday the Outer Banks Bootcamp's Flying Pirate Training event pop up and memories of last year flashed through my brain like I have heard happens moments before your death.  (not that I have talked to anyone that has actually died but .. oh never mind) Just fleeting thoughts of struggles, failures, triumphs, and over all success. It dawned on me that there are others out there on the fence about their first half marathon and if they should try.

The easy answer to that is YES YOU SHOULD TRY. What exactly is holding you back? Fear??

What do you have to be afraid of? You can already run, most of you that I am talking to have already completed 5k and 8ks! The day I showed up for my first training for the Flying Pirate last year I could run, I certainly could, I owned that whole minute I could run. Yes you read that right ONE MINUTE! That was as far as I had ever run before in my life. The rest of the story of that first day can be found here.. The first day, it's an unbelievable story... even to me who lived it.

Today I wanted to knock you off the fence and over the dark side of running half marathons because I too need to devote my time and attention to completing the same task. I have decided to run five half marathons this year and the first is barreling down on me like a freight train loaded with pig poop. (don't ask I don't know either). Anyhoo I thought I would relay a little bit of my experience to you in hopes to help and maybe derail some fears.

1. You CAN do this. If you can run a 5k now, you can run 13.1 then.. and I did say RUN, not walk and run, but run.
2. You don't have to be fast.. you just have to go and not stop.. that easy.
3. It takes dedication, and by that I mean dedication to yourself, something I lost after the first half and am working on getting back.
4. Trust your coaches, they know what they are doing, even when you don't think you can, they know you can and will show you the way. They won't do the work for you but they will point you on the right path.
5. Stop drinking if that is your thing... TRUST ME.. I didn't listen it made it rough. I am not saying tetotal it.. I am saying drink a glass of wine a week not 6 or 7 bottles.. hey don't judge.
6. Show up for ALL training, Friday and Sunday included. They are IMPORTANT! You can not skip Sunday's. If you miss Sunday's you must be mentally prepared to run the long distances alone. (I can't do this my brain doesn't work that way)
7. If you get a blister, fix it, try everything to fix it, if you can't fix it, keep running, nothing bad will happen, your foot will just half rot off and you will get a staph infection that requires multiple shots in the ass but you won't die. Ok wait that isn't what you should do that is what I did and no one should do the things I do.. well not the stupid stuff anyway. Fix it! That is the bottom line FIX IT! They make stuff, find what works for you quickly. I recommend mole skin, neosporin, and the glueless gauze.
8. Cut the crap, eat for your run, your body will thank you. Mine still hates me for what I haven't done correctly I am working on it.
9. 8 will help in losing some extra pounds if you have extra pounds, again your body will thank you,  you know how we run with those 10 lb weights in bootcamp and we are soooooo happy when we get to put them down. Try it with 50 extra, it is painful. My knees are also still plotting my death. I have vowed to them that this year will be better. I mean you can't lie to your own knees right.
10. TRAIN WITH GELS. Do not .. I repeat DO NOT try them for the first time 5 miles from your car. It is not pretty and you will have to have someone come pick you up in a school parking lot and your coach will call you an hour later worried because you never made it back and you will have to fess up that you nearly crapped yourself. For the love of Betsy do NOT try them for the first time during your half marathon, you will find yourself in one of those long porta potty lines. PS after the first time it doesn't happen again.
11. Don't over train it gets you no where, I have a repeat offender of this and quite honestly have to fix it. What happens if you over train, you spend a year spinning your feet. Welcome to my world. I am no more ready for a half marathon today than I was a year ago, physically that is.
12. Appreciate your trainers and those that run beside you for weeks on end.. Christine I still love you!!!
13. Last but not least! Believe in yourself! Have faith in yourself! Strive for your Goals!

So now that you have my 13 rules of first time or third time marathon running, get your hiney off the fence and come have fun! I look forward to this journey again and I really hope to see some new faces crossing that half marathon finish line. Errrrhmmmmm Elly.. Amanda..Thuy not to be naming any names here.

Much Love to all

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Woot Woot .. I'mmmm Baaccccckkkk

Said in a sing songy dance on the tables voice, not a Johnny I am bashing down your door with an axe voice, unless you don't like me then read it the other way, because really, if you don't like me WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOG!

Sorry, the meds haven't kicked in yet apparently.

Anyhoo, as you have noticed, or maybe not noticed, I haven't written a blog in a few weeks and the reason for that is because I have been in the deep dark pit of aggravation known as I hurt myself again and I couldn't bootcamp so I hated the world. Ok, not the world just my lower legs, who in turn hated me for hurting them because I am an idiot who doesn't listen.

I rested my legs as told, and did upper body work, then my body decided to revolt all together and shut me down for a couple of days with some kind of horrid stomach virus, so COMPLETE rest was what I needed and it is what I took. Late last week I realized that 1. my legs were no longer hurting while walking down the stairs, 2. I was feeling like myself again not some half dead creature from the Walking Dead and 3. I wanted to run! So on Saturday morning I took a little test run and there was no pain at all. Just a little twinging after I stopped but nothing beyond normal, I am just really slow and that is what I have to resign myself too until I can pick up my pace GRADUALLY! I say that in big letters because I have a habit of not listening to my body and going faster than GRADUALLY and then end up in the deep dark place of no bootcamp.

Yesterday morning I was given the go ahead to rejoin my team last night at Knuckle Up for camp, I spent the day going through bouts of fear and happy dancing. Don't judge it's what I do. I showed up ready to roll and found that we were doing a considerable amount of strength work, which had me doing more little happy dances because I actually knew I could do this. What I didn't account for was that I apparently don't work my shoulders quite enough and they wore out long before my arms did. The 10lb weights didn't feel like much to my arms but my shoulders were just plain tired. Between sets of weights and other exercises we would run around the buildings, that I could totally handle! Not once did I feel like I was holding my team back or hindering anyone elses work out. IT WAS FANTASTIC! Well the little wheelie thing wasn't what I would call fantastic, that was more like... I don't know what that was like... a broken nose waiting to happen I think. I will say that Cory rocked that wheelie thing like a rock star! All in all, it was a heck of a work out and I enjoyed every minute of it and loved being back with the group!

I also started a eating healthy plan last week which happened to coincide with the stomach virus so I suppose that kicked it off for me in a way that was unexpected, yesterday was weigh in day for week one. I was scared of stepping on that scale as my journal was a flat out DISASTER due to the virus, then the fact that I have an issue of not eating when I am consumed in something like, cleaning. I go hours and hours and hours without eating. But I did step on it, and it was down 7 lbs. SEVEN FREAKING POUNDS. I do have to mention that I did not drink wine all week, so if this post seems shady and out of sorts, this is just how my sober brain works. I always said my sober thoughts were much more frightening than my alcohol induced ones. Like, this one, do you think those birds the people are watching really want people watching them?? WHO thinks about crap like that? Me that's who. Either way I do have to tell Adam and Matt they were both right, and I should have listened months and months ago, and left the wine alone for awhile. Can't wait to see what happens in week two.

Ok that is enough rambling, hope you all have a great Tuesday!
Much Love

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Obsessed.. Really??

Last night in discussing how my legs still hurt when running and last night was one of the worst times yet (why because I don't listen to myself or anyone else and I TRY to keep going even though I know that the only way the pain will subside is to walk until it eases out) and that it just wasn't getting better and appeared more to be getting worse.. I was told I was obsessed with this whole weight loss thing. When I inquired as to what that meant, I was informed that the post about the scale, the food, the races, workout was obsessive.

My first thought was "Well @#$%#@$#% you." but what I actually said was "Then don't watch it." No one has to read my blog, you don't have to like my Operation 50 TLC page, heck you don't even have to be my friend on Facebook. Especially if you have gone to McDonald's every day since 1983 and still haven't gained an ounce. You have no idea what this is like for someone who has struggled all their life with self worth, body imaging and being over weight. Needless to say I also have a hard time verbalizing how I feel to people in general about my feelings and will often just agree or back out of the conversation.

In the last week I have been told two rather emotionally hurtful things in regards to my journey both from people I felt were my bigger supporters. To someone struggling so hard to find her groove in this eating right, working out life style, that has quite possibly been more defeating than performing badly.  The last couple of camps I have watched my team pull farther and farther away from me, instead of the gap getting closer as it was. I know it is because of the leg issue but it is still hard to keep going. Between the physical pain and the emotional defeat, at one point I came close to destroying someones mail box last night. (no I am not kidding here I seriously had to stop myself from going all Chevy Chase on someones mailbox) So you can imagine how much of an impact hearing that I am obsessive had last night. I thought I would hear, you muddled through it, you didn't give up, that is what counts.

 For your reference if you don't know what going Chevy Chase is... 

The whole journey is difficult for me, not just bootcamp and running. First I love food, any food, all food, except for eel.. Secondly I love wine, lots of wine.. and vodka... Thirdly I hate not being able to keep up.. Fourthly (is that a word) dance class is in front of full length mirrors where I get to stare at my large frame attempting rather ridiculously to perform moves that look beautiful and sexy on the lean bodies of my fellow dancers.  So yes in a way I do suppose I have to be obsessive about it or I am going to fail, there are too many things that would hold me back if I let them sneak in. So the last thing I need is to hear negativity from anyone else. I hear enough in my own head.

Having said that, if you don't want to follow my journey, don't. If you don't want to read what I eat, how I work out, what the scale is doing, don't. I use this blog and facebook to keep ME ACCOUNTABLE not for your pleasure of ripping me apart or kicking me farther back, or even for your attention. While I do like the encouraging words, and the support that is not why I am sharing any of it. Also it has to be said that not all things I say or questions I ask are directly relative to how I feel. Yesterday I asked if the skinny people feel like giving up sometimes too, I wasn't feeling that way it was just a curious thought that popped in my head.

Now that I am done venting about how I feel at the moment. Last nights bootcamp recap.

We had the distinct pleasure of having The General Matt Costa lead the way last night and we started with running.. and ran and ran and ran.. and because I was so slow I didn't get to do any of the in between things. This was when I was having thoughts of going all Chevy Chase and I caught back up to Todd waiting on me. When he asked how I was, I am not going to lie, my voice caught  and cracked because I was fighting back tears and my response was not lady like, and in those moments he asked if maybe it would be best if I just stopped for the night. I am hard headed and stubborn and have heard Matt threaten to cut my foot off before so my response was just "no". We finally made our way over to the beach and Matt asked what was wrong, in those situations with everyone looking at me for an answer the only thing I can get out is "the leg thing .. it's nothing". Being on the beach gave my legs time to calm down, bet I will never say that in bootcamp again.  Matt showed us all some general self defense moves and I was incredibly delighted that I remembered every move and was able to help my partner with details of the how's and why's. Granted some of the moves I would not do to her, I think she weighs 89 lbs soaking wet and I was incredibly afraid to hurt her. Not that she isn't tough, she is, I just have double the poundage.  I won't even go into detail regarding the incredibly embarrassing part of the night. Let's just say that some positions in learning how to get out of holds should not be done in mixed company. Either way through giggles I got it done and I think I managed to get the move down, who knows.

Next up my favorite part of the night! Matt had us all go down closer to the water and marked off the finish line up at the ridge in the dune. This was when having the tiny partner came in handy, well for me anyway, unfortunately for my partner I drug her half way up the dune like a rag doll. Oppsie. We got to laughing so hard about it I told her just to ride me like a horse the rest of the way. (see we do have a good time) Feeling much better at this point I ASKED Todd to pair with me and let me drag him up the beach. He obliged and at first I turned around and started up the beach and I was thinking to myself wow.. this isn't that hard at all. I never should have thought that, because I think Todd thought it was too easy for me as well and the next thing I know, I am not breathing as well as I was, as his locked hands squeezed harder on my ribs, and I wasn't going near as fast as I think he planted both feet firmly in the sand. I didn't give up and kept on fighting to get to the dune line. A couple of times I lost my left knee and had to fight to get use of it back (yes I know that is hard to understand but I don't know how to explain it other than he locked my leg back behind his so I couldn't move forward). I was finally with in two feet of the end and still going, then I was within spitting distance of the line, fighting for each inch of sand between where I was and the line when all of a sudden.. BLOOFFFF (that is the sound I made as both of my feet were yanked out from under me and I hit the sand) and back down towards the water I went. Up on my feet and there stands Adam laughing.. NO FAIR! For all I know Todd wasn't trying all that hard to keep me from getting to the top, but for me I felt like I was fighting with everything I had to get to the finish and rather proud that I said, hey I want to try this again after the first run was a giggle fest.

It was time to head back to the gym and unfortunately I cut the last corner too close and shoved Cory in a hole. I still feel badly about it even if he has said it isn't my fault, I have also advised him to just shove me the other way if I ever do something like that again. I would like to point out that after my legs calmed down from being at the beach and giving them a bit of a rest that Cory and I ran the end of it in together and I wasn't a half a mile behind everyone. The trick is when it starts to lock up, to walk for a bit until it eases off then I can go again, last night I never stopped long enough to let it ease off and kept getting farther and farther behind. I believe the answer is to take the few minutes let it ease off then catch up, we shall see. Once we made it back to the gym, we went to the field and performed ab work. Legs at 6 inches is probably one of the most dreaded words for me, and nothing like hearing, they are all waiting on you to get your legs up and keep them there. Some how I managed to do it, and hold them there for 30 seconds. There were probably also reports made to the local police department that someone was being stabbed to death behind Trio. Sorry team for the verbal abuse your ears had to go through but we would still be out there if I hadn't, so there's that.

I ran (ok I didn't run I got in my car and drove) right to church after boot camp and quickly made my way to my seat covered in sand from head to toe and heard words from Preacher Lady Betsy that my heart and soul needed. And for a wrap up and highlight of the night, I heard the biggest compliment I have every heard in my life! "Oh My Gosh! I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I am going as you for Halloween" how can you just not love little girls like that! Sisters who have decided which of the Sispers they are and why.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
Much Love

Friday, February 1, 2013

What's in your bootcamp...

So lately I have seen on Facebook that other friends from other places are doing this bootcamp or that bootcamp or the other bootcamp. I have the hardest time not pulling a Gene Wilder on them.

I want to ask questions, what do you do at bootcamp, what are your instructors like, do you go to the beach, do you work out around your town, do you participate in events as a team.. I am full of questions. I don't ask because I am concerned I will sound rude, when I walk away with the only reply that I can give is... "oh". I just don't think they could possibly have what we have, I mean in all seriousness to quote Jay Bowman "Look where we live!". They don't have our play ground and that is a piece of the puzzle as to why Outer Banks Bootcamp is who they are.

Another piece, they don't have our coaches. Coaches who with just a tap on the back, or a quick look tell you volumes about how you are doing. Coaches who answer the craziest of emails and talk you over a bump in the road. Coaches who believe you can do things that you didn't think possible. I imagine you have good coaches who deliver you a good work out, but how invested in you are they?

Yet another part of what makes Outer Banks Bootcamp what it is, the campers. These people rock! As I have stated before I am currently in a rather small night camp and I like to think that we just enjoy being out there together and working towards a common goal of health and fitness, while working on individual goals of runs, weight loss, or triathlons. Never at camp has any of my team mates made me feel inferior or not as good as they are, all of that crap is in my own head not theirs. I have built solid lasting relationships with quite a few of my team mates from this and previous Bootcamps and that is a extra special bonus that you don't even sign up for.  While I wouldn't say I am best friends with everyone in bootcamp (come on there is over 200 of us total, you aren't going to just like EVERYONE) nor will I say that they all adore my uniqueness as it is kinda hard to swallow at times, however,  it must be said that I would not leave a team mate in a time of need, if I just felt they needed a hand, someone to listen, or even a small token saying "hey I listen to you I heard what you said" and I believe it is safe to say that they would all be there for me as well.

I have heard many times since I started this journey "I wish we had a bootcamp here" and I see now that many new places are getting "bootcamps". I would love to hear what they are all about, who they are and how they do it. What I am concerned I am going to hear though is "Bootcamp is not what you made it out to be in your writing" So before I do, no I imagine it isn't because we have something special here that just can not be duplicated. You are welcome to join us, but I can't bring to you what is here.  I do wish all of my friends, and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends, well on their journey towards fitness and health and the only advice from you ever needs is "Don't give up, don't ever give up" (thanks Jimmy V) no matter if it is a different bootcamp, or work out routine, gym or no gym. Just keep moving!

And yes I did just toot the hell out of Outer Banks Bootcamp's horn cause IT DESERVED TO BE TOOTED! I mean who else does this stuff!!!