Woot Woot .. I'mmmm Baaccccckkkk

Said in a sing songy dance on the tables voice, not a Johnny I am bashing down your door with an axe voice, unless you don't like me then read it the other way, because really, if you don't like me WHY ARE YOU READING MY BLOG!

Sorry, the meds haven't kicked in yet apparently.

Anyhoo, as you have noticed, or maybe not noticed, I haven't written a blog in a few weeks and the reason for that is because I have been in the deep dark pit of aggravation known as I hurt myself again and I couldn't bootcamp so I hated the world. Ok, not the world just my lower legs, who in turn hated me for hurting them because I am an idiot who doesn't listen.

I rested my legs as told, and did upper body work, then my body decided to revolt all together and shut me down for a couple of days with some kind of horrid stomach virus, so COMPLETE rest was what I needed and it is what I took. Late last week I realized that 1. my legs were no longer hurting while walking down the stairs, 2. I was feeling like myself again not some half dead creature from the Walking Dead and 3. I wanted to run! So on Saturday morning I took a little test run and there was no pain at all. Just a little twinging after I stopped but nothing beyond normal, I am just really slow and that is what I have to resign myself too until I can pick up my pace GRADUALLY! I say that in big letters because I have a habit of not listening to my body and going faster than GRADUALLY and then end up in the deep dark place of no bootcamp.

Yesterday morning I was given the go ahead to rejoin my team last night at Knuckle Up for camp, I spent the day going through bouts of fear and happy dancing. Don't judge it's what I do. I showed up ready to roll and found that we were doing a considerable amount of strength work, which had me doing more little happy dances because I actually knew I could do this. What I didn't account for was that I apparently don't work my shoulders quite enough and they wore out long before my arms did. The 10lb weights didn't feel like much to my arms but my shoulders were just plain tired. Between sets of weights and other exercises we would run around the buildings, that I could totally handle! Not once did I feel like I was holding my team back or hindering anyone elses work out. IT WAS FANTASTIC! Well the little wheelie thing wasn't what I would call fantastic, that was more like... I don't know what that was like... a broken nose waiting to happen I think. I will say that Cory rocked that wheelie thing like a rock star! All in all, it was a heck of a work out and I enjoyed every minute of it and loved being back with the group!

I also started a eating healthy plan last week which happened to coincide with the stomach virus so I suppose that kicked it off for me in a way that was unexpected, yesterday was weigh in day for week one. I was scared of stepping on that scale as my journal was a flat out DISASTER due to the virus, then the fact that I have an issue of not eating when I am consumed in something like, cleaning. I go hours and hours and hours without eating. But I did step on it, and it was down 7 lbs. SEVEN FREAKING POUNDS. I do have to mention that I did not drink wine all week, so if this post seems shady and out of sorts, this is just how my sober brain works. I always said my sober thoughts were much more frightening than my alcohol induced ones. Like, this one, do you think those birds the people are watching really want people watching them?? WHO thinks about crap like that? Me that's who. Either way I do have to tell Adam and Matt they were both right, and I should have listened months and months ago, and left the wine alone for awhile. Can't wait to see what happens in week two.

Ok that is enough rambling, hope you all have a great Tuesday!
Much Love


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