What's in your bootcamp...

So lately I have seen on Facebook that other friends from other places are doing this bootcamp or that bootcamp or the other bootcamp. I have the hardest time not pulling a Gene Wilder on them.

I want to ask questions, what do you do at bootcamp, what are your instructors like, do you go to the beach, do you work out around your town, do you participate in events as a team.. I am full of questions. I don't ask because I am concerned I will sound rude, when I walk away with the only reply that I can give is... "oh". I just don't think they could possibly have what we have, I mean in all seriousness to quote Jay Bowman "Look where we live!". They don't have our play ground and that is a piece of the puzzle as to why Outer Banks Bootcamp is who they are.

Another piece, they don't have our coaches. Coaches who with just a tap on the back, or a quick look tell you volumes about how you are doing. Coaches who answer the craziest of emails and talk you over a bump in the road. Coaches who believe you can do things that you didn't think possible. I imagine you have good coaches who deliver you a good work out, but how invested in you are they?

Yet another part of what makes Outer Banks Bootcamp what it is, the campers. These people rock! As I have stated before I am currently in a rather small night camp and I like to think that we just enjoy being out there together and working towards a common goal of health and fitness, while working on individual goals of runs, weight loss, or triathlons. Never at camp has any of my team mates made me feel inferior or not as good as they are, all of that crap is in my own head not theirs. I have built solid lasting relationships with quite a few of my team mates from this and previous Bootcamps and that is a extra special bonus that you don't even sign up for.  While I wouldn't say I am best friends with everyone in bootcamp (come on there is over 200 of us total, you aren't going to just like EVERYONE) nor will I say that they all adore my uniqueness as it is kinda hard to swallow at times, however,  it must be said that I would not leave a team mate in a time of need, if I just felt they needed a hand, someone to listen, or even a small token saying "hey I listen to you I heard what you said" and I believe it is safe to say that they would all be there for me as well.

I have heard many times since I started this journey "I wish we had a bootcamp here" and I see now that many new places are getting "bootcamps". I would love to hear what they are all about, who they are and how they do it. What I am concerned I am going to hear though is "Bootcamp is not what you made it out to be in your writing" So before I do, no I imagine it isn't because we have something special here that just can not be duplicated. You are welcome to join us, but I can't bring to you what is here.  I do wish all of my friends, and friends of friends and friends of friends of friends, well on their journey towards fitness and health and the only advice from you ever needs is "Don't give up, don't ever give up" (thanks Jimmy V) no matter if it is a different bootcamp, or work out routine, gym or no gym. Just keep moving!

And yes I did just toot the hell out of Outer Banks Bootcamp's horn cause IT DESERVED TO BE TOOTED! I mean who else does this stuff!!!


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