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The ABC's of Outer Banks Bootcamp

Army Crawls Burpees Crab Pinches (that was only me .. Thanks Coach) Dolphins Eight Points FBombs (yea yea yea only me.. AGAIN) Gratification Honor ICAN Jumping Jacks Kick Backs Lunges Mind over Matter Never Give Up!!!!
Ocean Dips (and Trips.. yea that was only me too) Push Ups
Quick Walking Running Sunrise Training U CAN TOO Videos (thanks Christine)
Waves X#$%#$@# Blisters (just mine) YES you can.. I KNOW you can! Zippers full of Sand
All before 7 am. 
It was kinda of a rough morning for me today, my foot is still extremely sore from the Half Marathon, but I did show up and I put as much as I could out there, and probably a few bad words too. Ok no probably, I did leave some really bad words out there, especially when the crab pinched me. Nothing like having your Coach drop a crab in your hand when you are doing squats and say  "DON'T drop it!" The darn thing pinched me immediately, but I didn't drop it, until Adam kindly said I could take him back to his home. The funny part about the wh…

So you want to know what is?

Photo by Automatic Timer giggle (Jay Bowman)
Over the past few weeks I have had more and more people ask me what the numbers "" are. What do they stand for? What do they mean?

Photo by Courtney Hathaway I can tell you right now what they stand for, but I would be doing you and the numbers a great injustice.

Photo by Courtney Hathaway
Imagine this if you will, imagine that you are asked to describe the way the sunrise looks and feels to someone who has never seen it. Imagine telling someone the way the first rain of spring smells and feels on your cheeks to someone who has only known the desert. Imagine explaining the feeling of holding the hand of someone you love as you watch the sunset on a wonderful day to someone who has never loved.

Photo by Courtney Hathaway
While you can say the words of what all those things are, and you can use descriptions of what it is, there is no way they can truly feel it and you could never give it the justice it deserves. Th…

Gone 13.1 .. One mile at a time

I thought you all would enjoy a play by play of my journey of the half marathon yesterday, it was actually quite a bit more entertaining than just running.

I set my clock Saturday night for 4:30 am, and went to bed completely afraid I would not sleep. Little did I know I went right out and sleep really good all night with the exception of some strange dream I could not recall the details of.  4:30 am is a time I know well now, as that is my normal Bootcamp time and I felt that I may need a few extra moments to calm my nerves or reflect on my journey.

When I woke up I actually wasn't too nervous, I had the quick thought of "It's raining, oh how fitting" then I felt a pang of sympathy for those that have only trained in excellent conditions. I knew I was ready for the elements of yesterday, it was rain, it wasn't cold rain it was just rain, it was wind, it wasn't close to hurricane winds, it was just a shirt tail breeze, it was a tiny bit of mud, it wasn't … Journey Part 1

Photo by Christine

While I have been so incredibly missing in the blogsphere, I have been really incredibly busy changing my life and embarking on a journey like no other.

I know most of you realize and understand that I moved to the Outer Banks to start over, to start fresh, to close one chapter and begin a new, and every other metaphor for just that in between. The thing is I didn't know what that meant or how to do it, even after 40 years of trying to every 4 years or so. Part of me said "Re, you are just running again", because that is what I do I run from things, people, or from place to place. I don't know why it is that way but once I stay in one spot too long I get antsy and itchy. (that is not what this post is about, please strike that stuff from the record)

So here I am sitting in the Outer Banks... starting, what am I starting, how am I starting WHY AM I STARTING.

It's all so very funny now looking back, because I started running. Literally.

Seven weeks a…