So you want to know what is?

 Photo by Automatic Timer giggle (Jay Bowman)

Over the past few weeks I have had more and more people ask me what the numbers "" are. What do they stand for? What do they mean?

Photo by Courtney Hathaway
I can tell you right now what they stand for, but I would be doing you and the numbers a great injustice.

 Photo by Courtney Hathaway

Imagine this if you will, imagine that you are asked to describe the way the sunrise looks and feels to someone who has never seen it. Imagine telling someone the way the first rain of spring smells and feels on your cheeks to someone who has only known the desert. Imagine explaining the feeling of holding the hand of someone you love as you watch the sunset on a wonderful day to someone who has never loved.

  Photo by Courtney Hathaway

While you can say the words of what all those things are, and you can use descriptions of what it is, there is no way they can truly feel it and you could never give it the justice it deserves. That does not mean I won't tell you what means to me, it just means you won't feel it.

Below is a short video of what we do, how we do it, and who we are... Wouldn't you like to be a Bootcamper too? Visit Outer Banks Bootcamps for more information.

 Video by Jay Bowman


Anonymous said…
Thanks for sharing the video. It was an eye-opener. I knew you ran, excercised and trained but I had No idea about the rest - my, my, my. You'll are a powerful bunch. Double congratulations!
Christen said…
Great video! Am I missing something because I still don't understand what the number stand for...
Jay Bowman said…
Well said, Re. The numbers reach across every facet of life. Even the athletes that commit to the 6 week sessions are not told what the numbers mean. You find out by stepping out. And then you learn to own it. Simple as that. That big blister you have right now will pass, but those numbers tattooed on your heart will never leave. You're special, Re. Keep being you. :)
Anonymous said…
well said Coach Jay...and for the rest of you......Jay gave you the answer that you seek....right plain english....but you do have to step out some so that you can decifer the code.....then you will always know what it means....and you will try to live it every day!.....thanks Coach!

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