The ABC's of Outer Banks Bootcamp

Army Crawls
Crab Pinches (that was only me .. Thanks Coach)
Eight Points
F Bombs (yea yea yea only me.. AGAIN)
Jumping Jacks
Kick Backs
Mind over Matter
Never Give Up!!!!
Ocean Dips (and Trips.. yea that was only me too)
Push Ups
Quick Walking
Videos (thanks Christine)
X#$%#$@# Blisters (just mine)
YES you can.. I KNOW you can!
Zippers full of Sand

All before 7 am. 

It was kinda of a rough morning for me today, my foot is still extremely sore from the Half Marathon, but I did show up and I put as much as I could out there, and probably a few bad words too. Ok no probably, I did leave some really bad words out there, especially when the crab pinched me. Nothing like having your Coach drop a crab in your hand when you are doing squats and say  "DON'T drop it!" The darn thing pinched me immediately, but I didn't drop it, until Adam kindly said I could take him back to his home. The funny part about the whole thing was the guy standing beside me saying.. "BUT IT IS PINCHING HER" 

Guess that was Coach's way of taking my mind off my foot???

Anyway,  I am taking a few more days completely off and going to actually try to grow some skin on my foot before I perish from the horrible hidden silent bacterial infection that my mother seems to think is coursing its way from my foot to my brain as I type this. Hopefully my foot will be healed enough to run in a 5K on Sunday, but if it is not or if it is raining at all, I have already made the decision to not injury myself any further. I will stand down and not wear my Bootcamp shirt and walk the race if need be. 

Plan is to be back out there Monday, I will take it as it comes, but I want to get back with my group, because in all honesty I am feeling a little defeated. @$#%#@$# Blister. 

Much Love,



Anonymous said…
didnt some of us tell you to take several days off?.....shoulda listened...hope you can come back strong on monday......REST UNTIL then....:)
Lisa said…
Re - you are a trooper and so strong. Enjoy your time off and rest up! Everyone is so proud of you and your spirit! What 5k is this weekend?

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