My Best Friend

Let me tell you about my best friend, I do suppose the first thing I need to tell you is that he is well a he. Most girls I know their best bestest friend is a she, not me, but as he will quickly tell you I have never been one to exactly follow the rules.

You know how when someone asks how long you have known your best friend and it feels like your whole life so you just say "oh forever", I am lucky enough that I actually have. He has been there through good things and bad and never once did I ever question how much exactly he loved me, even when he didn't particularly like me very much.

I am sure when I was younger there were times he thought to himself "Lord what in the world did I ever do bad enough to have to put up with this?" I can't say I can blame him cause there were times I was really not the nicest person in the world, but not once did he ever give up on me. Oh, who am I kidding, he has probably thought that recently.

I can say with complete certainty that the man is quite honestly my hero. I have watched him live his life in a way could only make a person be proud to know him. I have watched him during times of happiness and sadness and I can only strive to be able to handle the bad times with as much faith and patience that it will get better as he. Not once in my life have I ever had anyone say one bad thing about him and I doubt I could find anyone that could with honesty.

Throughout my life I have watched people come and go, some that I thought would be around forever, some that I thought loved me for me and never wanted me to be anything but, but alas they were only here for a season. Some of those times it really hurt losing those people (sometimes we threw a party) and those hurtful times he was always there, just letting me know it was going to be ok. He is the one person that has, since the day I was born, allowed me to be who I am. Most of you know I am a bit different and have a pretty wild spirit, almost gypsy like so I imagine that it was quite hard for him to sit back and watch me never quite settle down, but he did and for that I will forever be grateful.

My best friend kinda goes by more than one name, Henry, Hounddog, Grandaddy, and he plays many roles in his life, son, brother, friend, grandfather, uncle, hunter, ball player, fireman...

But I like what I call him best.... Daddy.

Happy Fathers Day to my best friend! I love you. Thank you for always being here for me and letting me be me. I wouldn't be who I am without you.

Intense Conversation
Photo by Janice Vogel

He's so handsome
Photo by Janice Vogel

Doing what he loves best.

He would fit in so well here if it wasn't on the beach or they had shoes on.
I love this guy!
PS Thank you God for picking him to be my Daddy... because we all know my track record with picking men, this could have turned out bad. (giggle)


Cindy Ashberry Whitlock said…
This is one of the most beautiful things you have ever written. His heart must be bursting with pride. You make those of us who haven't been quite so lucky more than envious.
Those first two photos look familiar....

You do have a fabulous father and I'm proud to know him.
Christen said…
What a loving tribute to a man who should be very proud. Most parents do the best they can and hope it turns out ok. He can be proud that you turned out to be the most amazing woman, girlfriend, mom, and person!
wildbanshee said…
That is the most beautifull thing I've ever read, thanks for sharing!!!
Anonymous said…
Renee Edwards said…
Ann Marie, this was beautiful! You are blessed with a wonderful Dad and all of those that know him are blessed as I have the most awesome Uncle and love him dearly! You are correct in that I don't know one person who would ever have a bad word to say about him. He does lead by example! You are blessed!

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