I am just not sure how to take that...

Thanks Jay! 
Today we tackled Jockey's Ridge ... again.

Again I wasn't my best out there in that sand pit. The first time I ran it was the week after my foot tried to rot off, this time I am dead in the middle of a week long "feel like total crap and exhaustion" session! Monday I felt the same way out there on the beach running and swimming for bootcamp then followed up by my worst 5K to date. Again like I said I have felt like crap. The thought right now is low potassium so I am trying to work on that and making sure I am doing what need to be done to keep me healthy and headed in the right direction.

It is incredibly hard feeling like each time you work out you are going backwards. I KNOW I am not and I know that even though I am not feeling my best that getting out there and working out gets me one step farther than I would be if I had remained sitting on my butt. I know that when I get to feeling like me again I will be a bit faster and stronger than I was before now.

Ok on to what we actually do on that ridge. First we show up and yell at our kid for not bringing shoes, ok ok that was just me. (she made out fine but I had images of cactus stickies and sand spurs all in the bottom of her feet) She lucked out, sand was perfect. Then we fall into formation, ALL of us. Turns out that we were all training together today. There was part of me that went "shewww this won't be that bad", the other part went "YEA RIGHT who you kidding?" FYI the "who you kidding" side won. We take off jogging to the sand.. and UP! we go and then we do Jumping Jacks. Have you ever tried to do jumping jacks in the sand and by sand I mean very loose powder sand? Let me tell you even the world's most perfect jumping jacker would look like they had no idea what they were doing.  Due to this we had to go BACK DOWN.. then up.. then down to sit ups. By sit ups I mean that no matter how hard you tried you were NOT going to do them right and you would end up holding not a plank but a sit up position for what I thought was an ungodly amount of time. Yes I kept falling over and down, this was when I realized that I was seriously not on my A game here. I can hold a sit up position normally, so it was frustrating!!!!

Up and off we go running, down, up, around a tree, down, up, up,.. slowly up, sit ups.. down..up.. situps.. down.. up..situps (see the pattern here) next thing I hear is "Clownfish .. where are my Clownfish?" Time to break it into groups, off we go I am not sure if we went up or down first but it was something then there was sit ups in a ditch.. then squats.. then up again. Ok seriously here is the bottom line we played in the sand like little kids! We rolled, we ran, we fell, we piggy backed (thank you for not dropping my big butt Leslie you ROCKED!!!) , we threw it (thank you you very much sand thrower, that sand is still in my eye, my mother was on to something when she spanked kids for throwing sand, even when they weren't hers) you name it we did it!  At some point of the morning I quit sniveling about feeling bad and just gave it what I had to give which was my all. I felt much better leaving there today than arriving.

At one point this morning I heard the words "Look at Re she is doing it, so can we!" now as much as I would LIKE to take that as a compliment, because I was in fact doing whatever it was that was being pointed out, something in me flipped. It reminded me of how out of shape I had managed to get that I was yet again used as an example.  It's ok really it is, I WANT to be an inspiration to people and that is one of my goals, to beat this obesity and become a healthy fit trainer person and inspire and coach others towards healthier living. Just today I felt like screaming YES I AM DOING IT PLEASE STOP WATCHING ME DOING IT! I AM NOT WHO YOU SHOULD WATCH!!! You need to watch Alex, or Kendall, or Justine, or Leslie, or Ilona, or Amanda, or Amy, or (insert anyone else's name here) those are the people that I strive to be like, you want to be like them NOT me. As I sit here now typing this, I remember starting this journey and seeing Christine, Brandi, Wende, Kathy, and so many others in the running bootcamp and coming home in tears at times thinking I will NEVER get there, I will never be "one of them". I don't think that way anymore, now I strive to think that with more hard work, blood, sweat and tears I WILL one day get there. Just like I WILL one day get to the point the girls in my camp now are. So to the group that decided today to watch me and do it cause I did, come on, keep watching,  and bring your best game, cause we are not stopping where I am today!

One majorly cool thing came out of this morning, a photo posted on my facebook wall by Rev. Coach Jay Bowman. As soon as I saw it, I saw not only myself, but also glimpses of my grandmother Memo, my Aunt Ann, my Cousins, Renee and Courtney, and my Daddy. It just reminded me that not only am I so blessed to have a wonderful Bootcamp family to belong to who helps me become the best I can be, but also a wonderful blood family who supports me in my journey. (There is no doubt that Memo is up there in heaven saying "Oh you all, the child has finally gotten herself together.").

Here is that photo and a photo of my Dad and other family members that I remembered having. Thanks Jay for reminding me of how much bigger I am than just myself.
I know you can't see it but those blue eyes I have .. they are his.

My Cousins, Renee and Courtney with Baby Hailey.

Daddy's Sr Graduation.. they made them all look like they had make up on! 

My Grandparents Pop and Memo, Daddy and Aunt Ann
Neale and Renee, Aunt Ann and Darly John

Much Love to you all,

PS i borrowed two of the photos so Thanks TT and Nee Nee.. xoxoxo


Anonymous said…
nice work re....at least you showed up.....cant say the same for the Black Sheep...and cause of work I wont be able to make ANY monday wednesday classes.....:(
Anonymous said…
I look up to you daily. You always show up (which is the hardest step) and you dont only show up once a day, you show up for kickboxing, or a run, or zumba, and so on and so forth! You always rock it. Even on the not so good days/weeeks that we all have! :) Way to go!

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