Honored Compliment

This past weekend I went to Mathews and spent some time with my Daddy and other friends. Most of them haven't seen me since before the half marathon so it was cool seeing their reactions and hearing the "Oh My Gosh's" and "You don't even look like you's". I can't wait until next time cause hopefully it will still be reactions of the same kind. By the way, I do look like me, just this me, the new me, the me I plan on keeping around for awhile, well less of the new me, but... oh for Pete's sake you get the point.

One of the things about this blog that I don't particularly care for is that my Daddy has not been able to read it, because it is on the internets, and he doesn't do internets or computers, but I devised a plan last week and I spent the time and printed the whole thing off from back in January when I started this journey. I took it to him and I handed it to him in person and said you should read this. The response was "Why? What is it?" I explained it was my blog and that it had everything about my journey written in it for the most part and that he should read it. He didn't grumble exactly he just said that I tell him all about it and I should just keep telling him. I didn't really say anything and watched as he set the entire printed stack down on the bench by the woodstove. Being the hard headed brat I can be I did not take my printed blog back I left it right there, I figured it could either 1. Gather Dust 2. Be used to start a fire next winter after 1. or 3. it would keep looking at him as he sat in his recliner and maybe he would read it eventually.

The weekend was wonderful and relaxing and I brought home a summer house guest. Deanna is spending the summer here with me working mad hours at Food Lion and participating in Outer Banks Bootcamps as well! I am very proud of her for deciding to spread her wings and do this! At 18 I am hoping to instill in her some better lifestyle choices so she is not the 40 year old Caboose that her mama is... errhmm was.  We now have a house full of bootcampers, Drake is in the youth group, I am a Clownfish and Deanna a Hammerhead.

On Sunday we rushed back to town to attend a healthy eating seminar at Knuckle Up with Wes Stepp the owner of Red Sky in Duck. After participating on Sunday and trying clean eating on my own for the last few weeks I have decided along with some of my other bootcamping family to embark on another leg of our journey with Wes as a Clean Eating coach. I will keep you updated on this as we start and how it is going. Wes has been on the Hampton Roads show on channel 10 on Wednesday's (every other I believe) but I will let you know the next time he is on, it shouldn't be missed! Not only is he an amazing chef he is an amazing guy as well.  His encouraging words during bootcamp are most appreciated.

Monday 4:30 am came WAYYYYY to early for a girl who had been up since 2 am trying not to die from a touch of food poisoning. I would have said it was due to eating healthy and using Sunday night as a cheat day but considering that everyone who was with us at the establishment were also dealing with rumbly tummies I believe food poisoning is the correct call, but up and at it I went. I dropped De off at her meeting place and headed back to Knuckle Up to meet my team. Yay! a run day... (I thought I was going to straight up die I tell ya) but I just trudged along in the back but keeping up and not getting too far behind, then came the mountain climbers. It is safe to say that in January I could not do 1 mountain climber much less 100 or the ONE THOUSAND we banged out. Yes you read that right 1 0 0 0! If you can walk correctly after doing 1000 mountain climbers either your name is Todd Parks, Jay Bowman, Matt Costa, Terry Gionet, Adam Swansen, Tommy Townsend (I am sure I missed some of you but you get the point) or you just aren't doing them right. Over the bypass and back up the beach where we passed the Hammerheads going through their card deck and up to meet the Bullsharks to run them back to White St. At some point I heard someone say "This is the toughest day of bootcamp ever..." oddly I think that EACH and EVERY time which is exactly how it should be. It would be interesting if anyone could remember what we did on day one of bootcamp plus to go back just to see how our bodies react.

I hit kickboxing Monday at noon, Tuesday at noon and 515, the 515 class may have done me in. Apparently imagining that Don's mitts are someone's face was a bad idea and the last right upper cut I threw something went wrong so I have a very sore hurting wrist. No I don't know exactly what is wrong my guess from how it hurts hairline fracture or massive jam.

Today at 430 am the clock went off again and my thought of "oh my wrist will feel better in the morning" didn't quite happen as I had hoped. It hurts to move it left, to the right, to the back, to the front and I know if I go to the Dr they are just going to say well don't use it so forget that! Off to bootcamp De and I went. I won't report about her day as I think that should come from her but I will say she went and she participated and she finished. I will be having a conversation with her letting her know that I too was right where she was today, that there is no shame in it unless you quit. She didn't quit. Today was Monument Day aka Holy Hell.. I mean Hill. Up and down that thing we went unloading cans of food and water bottles as we went, when my pack was empty we were told to get off the steps (I wasn't listening so yup I got yelled at) I was actually trying to see if anyone had more cans that needed to go up and down. I should have tried harder because the next bit of guilt I felt was watching other team mates still going up and down. Lesson Learned: I need a bigger back pack. Due to my lack of cans and extra water we ended up doing what felt like a BAZILLION push ups on a crappy wrist, with each and every push up I just got madder. I don't really remember what Matt said but I finally hit my breaking point and said "@$%#@$# I will take another one up and down #$%$##@$# I will take TWO for good measure." so back down and up that #%$^$#@#$ hill I went again! I have to say I was probably angrier at myself than anything, my wrist just hurt and I was ashamed I didn't have more cans or water.
After it was all said and done and we had the healthy eating talk from Matt, he scared the bejezus out of me saying that we were going to have to gather all those cans back the same way we put them there. ONE CAN ONE TRIP AT A TIME. Luckily we only did that one time and in an attempt to make up for my little blunder in the first part of the day I tossed in 8 cans for my trip back to the parking lot. So whoever other than my kid ended up a can or two light you are welcome. ;) I am sure there were water bottles left for you to tote.

All of the food used during today's work out will be delivered to the Food Pantry at around 3 pm today and I will be sure to update everyone on the poundage delivered. All in all it was a good morning and I owned that dang hill to the best of my ability, I left it all out there and that my friends is all I can ask of myself. From what I saw EVERYONE left EVERYTHING out there, it was an amazing morning and the fact that our work out is going to help the community is incredibly heartwarming.

After I got home today, I fixed my big bowl of fruit and sat down to work and my phone rang, ok it didn't ring cause my ringer was off but I saw that I missed a call from Daddy. I am always one to worry when he calls, I don't know why I suppose I have a bit of Pop in me. I called him back and he asks how everyone is and what not and considering I know the man probably better than anyone else on the plant I knew he was beating around the bush about something. Finally he says... "I read your journal stuff" I had to make sure I understood so I asked. "You read it? You read all of it?" he tells me he did and that he read it all in one nights time. This coming from a man who only reads the Hunter's Horn and the Bible I think that is saying something. He then proceeds to tell me how incredibly proud he is of me and that he is glad he read it because even though I have told him about each run he just didn't have that detail and all of the story. Daddy said I should write a book, I am not so sure about all of that but who knows what the future holds, maybe when I feel I am closer to goal it will seem more real but it is not something that I won't consider. Then he told me that I was not the same person that he used to know and that he loved me. Let me just end by saying that to hear the pride in his voice and the words that my favorite man on the planet said to me this morning I would go up and down that hill 15 more times, run 23 blisters on my feet, take 14 hurting wrists, bleed 9 more times, and go through 20 times more pain than I have.

Now I am off to the noon kickboxing class with my girl Amanda!

May you love what you are doing.
Much Love


Lisa said…
Nothing but Love - keep on keeping on :)
Christen said…
I'm so glad your dad read ALL of your journal. These are amazing times you are living, and I'm so proud to be your friend and witness them. Your dad deserves to know how hard you have worked, how far you have come. He deserves to be so proud of you! As am I.
Chelley Wagner said…
It is so great to have a daddy that loves you and you know he loves you!!! I cried because this reminded me of my daddy, and I miss him everyday!

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