After what feels like to have been 2 months "off" (it was 3 days) I have spent some time reevaluating and rethinking things. None of my goals have changed, I still have the desire and the determination to make them happen. Some days it is just hard.

Yes I have come a long way in 5 months but the bottom line is I still have MUCH farther to go. When I looked at the numbers there are 50 more pounds to lose, which means I am not even half way through my journey. When your body just plain hurts just about 24/7 and you are giving it your all it is a tough pill to swallow.

There is no real end to this particular road, it is an on going one of health and fitness but let me tell you it would be much healthier and fitter if I didn't have this other 50 lbs to lug around. While I am working hard and I know I am working hard (even when I don't show up for the Sunday runs) I never feel like what I am doing is enough. Like why can't I do 15 kickboxing classes a week, 4 bootcamps, 2 runs, and 4 one on one sessions and just drop this weight? (besides the fact I have a job that is)

Fortunately the scale didn't go up even after eating like a moron all weekend, but I also realized that I had lost my commitment in there somewhere. (like in the bottom of a bottle of wine where so many other things get lost, like the ability to text properly.. sorry Amy). I need to commit myself back to clean eating completely, commit myself to working out each minute available, commit myself to taking Friday off, commit myself to starting marathon training on July 1. commit to not being the caboose, commit to losing the 50 lbs.

Adam gave us homework today we had to come home and send in a comment with our goals to his facebook. I have mine written down and taped to my desk so I see them all the time. (not to mention RECOMMITMENT written on my arm in red sharpie.. Hey Terry can you help a sister out and henna it on me until I get it through my head?) So off I scattered and I typed them up, it was quite easy as they are right there in front of me like I said.

  • Lose 50 more pounds
  • Begin training for the marathon on July 1
  • Run a marathon this fall
  • Become a kickboxing instructor (long term goal)
  • Not be the caboose
  • Help train next summers beginner camp (give back)
  • Finish 3 bootcamps
  • Break a 10 minute mile
The truth is I left one off. It doesn't matter what that one is, it is just so completely personal that it has only been shared with my closest girl friends and now my trainer as I felt that it was the right thing to do cause I can't cheat on something like this assignment.

Do you have goals that you need or want to reach? Write them down, share them with your family, share them with a friend it helps us stay accountable when we have that support system around us.

At the end of the day, even after having all those goals written out and in front of you, there is only one way you can possibly get to them, and I am so thankful to have people in my life supporting me getting there and trainers helping me learn the ways how.

You just have to get to "Where the Magic Happens"

 Much Love,



Ashten Ree Rary said…
love it, RE! you're such a huge inspiration to me, you can and will do it;!
we are all in and around the same spot--that is to be a better US!
love,love,love! xoxo
Anonymous said…

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