Thursday, January 31, 2013

Final Winter Night Camp: Night 2

What can I say, last night I was totally off my game, got light headed before I even made it a mile (Thanks JD for hanging on, encouraging me, and sticking with me to the end of the bike path), then before I was even over that I had the nerve pain happen again. It had started sneaking up while running a bit faster than I should have from the start, I am a slow slow slow starter, and sprints (and I didn't even sprint I just jogged fast) were on the plate from very close to the word Go! The final nail in the nerve ending coffin was the (shutter) curb push ups, which leaves me on my toes and puts extra pressure on the area that hurts.

Either way, I kept on going and did the Indian run and then fell back a bit as slowing down to a walk is the only thing that helps the muscle decrease and not push on those nerves so badly. Many thanks to Coach Todd for listening to me explain what was going on and just jogging it in to the rest of the group with me. At that point we stopped and did 3 sets of 15 jumping jacks, 15 push ups, and 15 sit ups, once I caught up to the team I got those finished up not to far behind at all, then off running again. I am here to tell you that I was sooooooo off last night, my legs just did not want to cooperate. I have since chalked this up to a couple of things. First not eating correctly yesterday, 3 shrimp on the way out the door in the 5 hours before bootcamp is not enough and secondly my body is tired.

We made our way over to the church and I see my team doing the dreaded box jumps, remember those from Monday how proud I was of doing those on the curb, HA that was childs play! Last night those crazy people were doing them on benches like they were NOTHIING. I stood there in total fear of pulling a Drake (he did a box jump the other day and lets just say it didn't end to well, part of his palm is missing, he has a huge bruise across his chest and well his pride died a slow painful death on the gym floor), I just stood there staring at the bench and finally I HOPPED, about 3 inches off the ground. Pride slowly dying. Again I have to thank Todd because after he snickered at me (ok that part was in my head) he moved over beside me and said.. "Like this, use your arms, squat lower, YOU CAN do this" and low and behold BLAM! both feet up on the bench! While I didn't complete the 25 before Coach Adam had us swap to another exercise I DID IT! I flipping did full, whole foot on the bench pause in between box jumps! (can you tell I am a bit excited about this?)

Next up we ran a numbers drill with mountain climbers and then again with squats, Adam took a few moments and made sure I was doing those properly (I have a tendency to look down, always, no matter what I am doing, insecure much???) I can tell you with certainty that they were performed correct as my rear end feels rather ouchie this morning. And again we run.. just over to the back way to the gym then we stopped again did bicycles and another sprint (I am giggling each time I type sprint because I know you are picturing a sprint when all I had in me last night was something similar to a turtle trying to get out of the way of a car). We met again and went over the proper running form and Adam instructed us to work on that the next heat, I did, head up, chest out, feet up and dang if I didn't get SLOWER, but I made it to the next thing. At this point it is a blur, I know we sprinted again somewhere, and I tried to make my legs move but they were having none of it. I felt as if I was running in quick sand, having a terribly hard time lifting those feet.

Finally some how I made it back to the last stretch home and our final exercise.. are you ready for this.. 10 hops.. 10 push ups.. 9 hops.. 9 push ups.. 8 hops.. 8 push ups.. You get the picture right? I am not sure what the deal is with the push ups lately but if my back and arms don't look like Brigitte Neilsen's from her Rocky days by the time I am done I want my money back LOL, or at the very least the cost of the Advil I have been having to use. I was grateful to have Cory close by during that last drill as I considered just sitting there and throwing rocks, I am not sure that he appreciated my cussing much though.  I was on the last final jog into the field to meet up with the remainder of the team with Cory slightly ahead of me  when I noticed the team coming back. Crapola it was me this time they were coming back for, as I had been in the back all night. Yes most of the time I fight back tears when this happens because I hate that I am the one my team is waiting on or plain and simply the fact that @$#%#@$#%#$ I am last again. But someone has to do it right? Mike fell in beside me on the right and Ilona on the left, and those few seconds it took to get to field I already felt better about the night. So it was a rough night, so I got light headed, so I "cramped" my lower legs up (for lack of a better term because they aren't cramps) I finished. I did everything again and that is the only thing that matters. I did not use either of my issues last night as an excuse to stop, maybe I slowed down, but I would rather slow down and take a couple of steps that break my nose when I hit the dirt, but I continued and yet another step in the road has been walked. It never fails when Mike falls in beside me he offers an encouraging word and it helps me make it just a bit faster from point A to B and last night was no exception.

Adam had roughly 5 more minutes of training for us when The General himself spoke up and said that by executive order he was giving us a 5 minute break because that was one tough work out. Then he proceeded to say that the gap wasn't that far between myself and the rest of the group. While that made me feel better I was disappointed that Matt did not get to see me perform on a better night. I think (in my own head anyway) that I have stepped up my game again and have been performing better and truly gaining on my goals.

One thing that is different right now is my schedule, I have no set break days in my schedule and have 1, 2 and sometimes 3 training sessions in a day. Yes it is bold, yes it is hard, yes I do get exhausted, and yes I did have it looked at by coaches and trainers before I committed to it. I know that many of you are saying "wait what no rest day?", hold on keep reading. It is part of what I have to learn, I have to learn my body and know when it needs rest and when I can push through. On Tuesday I was rather sore from the weekends work outs and questioned my ability to perform at dance class that night and did a physical check, and decided I was ok. I was correct, I went and I performed each exercise correctly even the dreaded barre push ups. Yesterday I had bootcamp sorry that is not questionable I will be at bootcamp. However today I have double kickboxing classes this evening on the schedule, while I love my kickboxing, tonight is not the night to do those. Tonight my body needs a break and I know without a doubt if I didn't take it and I pushed through and I showed up at Bootcamp Monday dragging worse than I was last night, I would be beyond embarrassed when Adam sent me home. Next week I may be able to go 10 days without a break, but the key is to break when I need and I will continue to learn my body and how it reacts and interacts with all I am doing.

I will wrap this up by saying that today was weigh in day and I was not surprised at all to see the scale up 0.4. Given the soreness of my muscles they are retaining water and it will level out, I just need to continue to eat correctly and work out hard and strong and it will happen!

For now I leave you with
Much Love

Oh and one last very important thing many Congratulations to third time Outer Banks Bootcamp Graduate AND Honor Graduate Mike Slaughter, thanks for all you give while you are out there!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Last Night Camp: Night One

Last night our night camp team embarked on the first of the last 12 night sessions for the season, this morning I thought it would be neat, since I do end up blogging about bootcamp most of the time now anyway, to journal about every session this camp.

The team met at Knuckle Up at 5:15 last night for our last minute sign ins and for some of us to just get over our jitters. I don't care how many camps or races I do my nerves get me before each one, it isn't even fear of the unknown any more I KNOW what is coming, oh hmmmm maybe that is why the fear! We were missing a few of the regulars last night as one is on a cruise and another had her childs birthday, so we will welcome back Anissa and KC on Wednesday, however, we did have about ten campers show up, and believe me just having the guts to show up is something to be proud of, we are not a camp of ease. You will be pushed to your breaking point and beyond just so someone can show you that wasn't exactly your breaking point.

As of now our new night team consists of myself, Joanne, Anissa, Cory, Mike, Kyle, Stacy, Micah, KC, JD, and.... (dang it I am forgetting someone I just know I am). Anyway we are a rather small group as far as camps go so I know it is really tough for Coaches Adam and Todd to keep us together as the fastest can double lap me in a mile. They deserve much credit for figuring it out and making sure no one goes home feeling they didn't get their work out in. The other thing I have noticed in the last few weeks is the team building that the coaches have put into our little group, the no man (or hmmm girl in my case) left behind scenario, camp after camp we have been going back for the last, or performing work that all of us can stick together such as the interval laps around the parking lot, which I felt has brought us closer together. While we do run and get spread out, I have noticed that the spread isn't a mile long any longer, the back group is making a gain on the front group, while I may never catch them I am darn sure going to chase them down to the best of my ability.

So off we go, right down to the stairs by the sound, which I may add were slightly no.. very slippery with icky stuff, someone should bleach those steps, said the girl who tried to kill Amanda with the ice on hers. We ran up and down those things, six times in between doing sets of exercises that the coaches called out as we hit the bottom.  I believe all but one of those exercises involved arm work (keep this in mind for later). After 81 squats at the end we take off again and we don't go far at all, and that is exactly when I knew what was coming, sort of. Adam gathered us all together and talked about how we should not take being out there for granted and that it was a gift that not all can partake in and that we needed to give it our all. He also stated that this camp he was determined to push us out of our comfort zones and to break the breaking points that each of us had.. (this is when Stacy speaks up and says Push Ups.. well I suppose we all had to learn at some time not to say anything, last night was her turn). Adam gives us direction on the next drill and it involves running half way up the end of the bike path hill, stop there and doing a set of something, then all the way up and do the same set, then back down. What was the something you might ask.. push ups. At each stop we had to do a certain Bootcamp Number and then repeat before moving on to the next. I won't lie, by the end I had tears in my eyes and felt defeated as hell. One I was doing modified push ups and I had thought I had gotten beyond those, last night not so much, and two by the time we got to the last 20 my muscles were SCREAMING in agony. (again keep this in mind for later) It doesn't really matter now because the true point is I did make it to the end. I did each and every one of those damn things even if my team did end up watching me in what I felt like was pity that I was so slow. (hey this is my blog and my thoughts.. if that is how it felt that is what I am going to write)

Finally we got that over and done with, next up Indian runs to the bank, not so bad, I used to hate these friggin things now I look forward to them. Why did I used to hate them? Because when we did the slow run before the sprint I could barely keep up and many times fell behind and out of line, now the slow run is just that a slow run and I enjoy that time preparing for the sprint to the front (not that my sprint looks much like a sprint and more like a faster jog but I can at least make it to the front and that is what the whole thing is about) Either way I am better at them than I was and to me that is a point for Team Re.

At the Bank we did (shutter) Monkey Crawls to each of the parking spot lines and dropped and did (shutter more) push ups at each one! Again.. last.. way last.. struggled like HELL TO GET TO THE END last. I wasn't liking myself anymore, but again I made it to the end of that. Box jumps and sit ups 5 sets 10 times each, wasn't so bad at all. I managed to get those in pretty good. Keep in mind that the first time I went to the bank with Jay Bowman, I could NOT jump up on that curb I was scared to death I was going to fall. Seriously could NOT jump on the curb with my feet together and if I tried I barely hit my toes. Last night full on jumps and feet landing completely on the curb! So again score for Team Re. (there is really a reason I am going through all of this I promise).

We gathered up our belongs, at which time I managed to grab what I could only think at the moment was a dead animal but just turned out to be an icky hat, note to self let Cory grab his own stuff. (giggle) and back to the gym we headed. YAY!!! It's over I survived I am going to go home and die now but I SURVI..... WAIT WHAT THE HELL HE IS TURNING WHY IS ADAM TURNING NOOOOOOOOOOOO Yup that is exactly what went through my head. Then I thought... ahhh ab work no biggie I got that. (pfffft didn't really have that either but that was my thought). First up.. Hops down to one end of the field and back, ok not so bad I don't hop that great but I hopped. Next up.. Monkey @$#%#@$# Crawls again... as I made my way to one end then the other very slowly because I completely suck at these dang things, all that went through my head was how humiliating. Finally finished that.. surely that would be the most embarrassing thing of the night, nothing like the big girl having her big ass stuck up in the air for what felt like 30 minutes trying to monkey crawl while her team stood there thinking... I have no clue what they were thinking but I am sure it wasn't that good. The next words I heard were even more upsetting than Monkey Crawl... Crab Crawl. I won't put here what I thought, or probably even said at that point, it probably was out loud, I don't even know, but down again. There is no point going into how that felt either, let's just say I have tears in my eyes thinking about it. I don't do well with humiliation or having people wait on me and I was dealing with both. It is quite funny because in the middle of the last crab crawl I heard Adam say "don't you quit on me.". I have no idea if it was to me or someone else but at that moment it was probably the closest I have ever been to standing up picking up my sweat shirt and walking straight to my car. I think sometimes he hears what I am thinking.

That was finally the end and I made it back to my car, as I left the field I felt defeated and weak and tired and drained and (que the record scratch) wait one damn ass minute.. I may have taken longer than the others to do a thing or two and I may not have taken as long sometimes but I did EVERY DANG ONE OF THOSE EXERCISES I didn't cheat myself or my coaches or my team and I even probably gave them some humor (picturing myself Monkey Crawling is down right funny ya know).
I am not defeated, I won. I am not weak, I am strong. I was tired and drained but in a good way not bad.  There were also a few things that played into last nights performance. On Saturday Amanda and I started training together with weights, guess what part we worked out.. Arms and I don't do no baby weights I do lift as much as I can and push myself to the point of "someone grab this weight or it is hitting the floor hard." Then on Sunday I attended and completed Piloxing training and obtained my certificate to train, guess what the majority of this particular class works out, Arms, Chest and Back! So when I showed up last night my arms were already like wet noodles, when I left they were much more like mush, this morning I am typing this with my toes. I didn't however use at as an excuse to stop, I continued and finished. So many times I wanted to say DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE DONE THIS WEEKEND!!!!!  I didn't I just uttered one not so nice thing in the middle of the push ups. By the way in case anyone wanted to know it was 232 push ups last night!

As you can tell it was quite a night.. the emotional roller coaster I was on during that work out was absolutely insane.. I love this I am doing it.. I hate this I am a failure .. I love this I am doing it.. I hate this they are waiting on me.. I love this I am doing it.. I hate this I look like a fool.. I love this I DID IT! Then as I was laying in bed last night trying my best not to move cause well.. it hurt like you wouldn't believe, something hit me. Interval training.

Let's define Interval Training shall we?

Interval training is a favorite of coaches because of its effectiveness in cardiovascular build-up and also its ability to make more well-rounded athletes.

Ok now lets read that again

Interval training is a favorite of coaches because of its effectiveness in cardiovascular build-up and also its ability to make more well-rounded athletes.

Interesting how that plays out isn't it.
Well there you have it my night at bootcamp! I am sure that each of us could write down what we did last night and none would be the same, but those are my thoughts.

In closing I have just one more thing to say...
Hey Adam and Todd since I survived last night ... BRING IT!

Much love to all,

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Iron Cross and a Weigh in

Who knew there was such a thing? I didn't until last night in the gym.

After a grueling hour of kickboxing handed to me by the wonderful Trainer Don Williams we finished up with a bit of ab work. One thing I hate to hear is feet off the floor, come on that mess hurts like the dickens. I know, I know, it is one of the only ways I will actually have muscles there and not this tire of flab I have now but OUCH! So one can imagine my horror when shortly after Don said "Feet at 6 inches" he followed up with "ARMS OUT STRAIGHT FROM YOUR SIDES!"  My brain went.. "Whoa dude are you kidding me? My hands are under my butt so I can hold my feet up the 6 inches you just asked for, now you want me to hold my feet up and move my arms out to the sides? That isn't possible, my feet will fall." Some how, some way I manged to get my arms out straight, so now I have my feet 6 inches off the floor and my arms out like a cross, and I realize. "Hey I am doing this!" Right up until he then says.. "NOW HANDS SIX INCHES OFF THE FLOOR TOO!"

You can't possibly imagine the horror of what went through my head, it is too horrific to even type, lets just say it was bad. My next thought was "dang it girl just TRY it!" I saw a post on facebook this morning that said the difference in Try and Triumph is just a little Umph, so I threw in the Umph and I be dag gone if I didn't do it! Here I am laying on the gym floor with hands and feet both six inches off the floor thinking "Dude I am doing it! I am doing it!" When all of a sudden behind me I hear Amanda say "Re Re can you do this?" quickly followed by "RE RE YOU ARE DOING IT!" It always amazes me when I do something that not even other people think I can do, but Amanda thinks I can do anything so to hear the thrill in her voice that I was I knew I was doing something way cool!

Not only did I do it, I held it for the appropriate amount of time. I have to say I am still in awe of that one. We won't discuss how ugly my form was in that second hour, but I will get back to where I can kill two back to back kickboxing classes and not lose my form, I am just not there now. My jumping jacks in the second class looked more like a drunken monkey excited over a banana than a jumping jack. This I need to work on. Sorry about that Amanda.

Anyhoo. Today is Thursday which means it was official weigh in day at Casa Operation 50 LTC, and for this week it was officially at 1 pound down for a total of 4.8 lbs since January 3rd. I will take it!
I am headed in the right direction and that is what matters most, I know I am eating correctly, I am working out correctly, and I am focusing correctly. Those three things keep me on track and are the true path to my goals. I do understand completely that the scale will do bizarre crazy things sometimes, mainly due to getting my grove in eating enough for the amount of work out I am doing, as well rebuilding the muscle that I lost while sitting on my rear end. So it's all good.

My biggest goal to accomplish right now at this very moment is not to get or feel defeated. I am not on the same path as other people, this is my path and journey, and I have the worst time with that. I am incredibly competitive and if I "lose" in my own head I have issues, this is something I need to work on because the plain and simple truth is the only person I am in competition with is my Old Self. Some days like today, after I have pushed really hard the say before, I hurt, like an all over body ache, and it is so easy for the Old Me to say, "dude you KILLED it yesterday take a day", the New Me says "nope nope nope go HIT IT AGAIN". In order to for me to win this battle I need to find the fine balance between listening to the Old Me in that Yes it IS in fact time to take a day, and the New Me who will keep going beyond the point I should. Today it is a good hurt, a good tired so you will find me tonight in the gym for another 2 hour bought of Kickboxing.

Have a great day all! Especially you snow birds in Mathews!
Love you Much

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Me!

No today was not the day I was actually born, but today was the day last year that I decided to take control back of my life and my health.

In that time I have met and completed so many goals (races mainly) that I planned, I am much healthier, much smaller, much stronger. However,  I am not close to the weight goal that I have set for myself and I have many many runs on my plate this year! 2012 was an amazing year of starts, I am hoping that 2013 will be an amazing year of the end. While there is no END to being and living healthy I want to end the weight loss portion of the journey, that is incredibly important to me. I have chosen, as many of you know 50 lbs as my goal for the year and that will get me incredibly close to my over all goal. When I reach that point I plan on evaluating size and fitness and see if I need to really lose more.  I am adding in weights and strength training to my regimen so I don't exactly want to be skinny or a hard body, something beautifully in between. 

I was slightly waylaid on my journey during 2012 and even though I had gotten to myself to a point I could "give back" AND continue on my own path as well, the simple truth is since my pulled muscle and pushing through the half and then ending up on my ass for weeks, I fell way behind where I was. So while at the end of the summer I could wear two hats, I just can't right now without training down, because I am the one that needs this encourager now to push me back to where I was in September.  Believe me, you have no idea how hard it is for me to leave anyone behind me, I was that in the back girl (no I am not far in front of end now but you get my point) and it is now so hard for me to not turn around, to not go back, to not hand hold because that is what I wanted when I was back there. So to whoever is back there, PLEASE KNOW that I am up there cheering you on, pulling for you, encouraging you with everything in me, I just won't be back there pulling you anymore. Not until I am where I am need to be anyway.

What I need to do for MY journey right now is put in double the work, double the effort, attack my journey with relentless determination and encourage you by example and not with hand holding. The truth is I WANT to hold your hand, I want to be the one with the kind words,  because that is what I wanted.. but I didn't have that. I didn't get this far because any of my coaches ever held my hand (Well Amanda did when I got my shots after trying to rot my foot off running the my first half marathon). What they did, was they SHOWED me the path to take and it was on me to take it.

So to all of you out there that look to me for those encouraging words and thoughts, I still have them and I still will be here for you ALWAYS but for right now, for right this minute,  I won't be running beside you the whole time. I am going to hit this with amazing determination so that in 2014 I CAN hold your hand the whole time if that is what it takes to get you to your goals, but right now its about mine.

Much Love and Happy New Year, Happy Birthday to ME!

Ps as a "birthday" gift it seemed so fitting to renew my Knuckle Up contract for 6 more months!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Everything you Missed Last week...

Last week in Review! (warning it is long)

Having completed two half marathons, and logging in almost 100 organized run miles in 2012, I would like to enhance my goals in 2013 by focusing on healthy eating, weight lose, and fitness. Our Outer Banks Bootcamp Coaches have repeatedly stated we should pick a goal or event, sign up for it, tell our friends, Facebook (or Tumblr) it, and pay for it. I have chosen my goal of 50 pounds weight loss, this is my way of signing up for it, telling my friends and facebooking all in one shot, and paying for it, well if having my life, workouts, and weight loss posted for all the world to see isn’t a price to pay I don’t know what is. :) Now lets get this show on the road!

Yesterday’s exercise was brought to us by Coaches and Todd at Outer Banks Bootcamps, up and town Holy Hill (Wright Brothers National Memorial), I think Joanne counted we went up and down 5 and 1/2 times I don’t even remember to be honest. Then there were situps (that looked more like centimeter ups when I was doing them) box jumps, step ups, twisty things (technical term) and push ups, we aren’t exactly the kind of camp to just do one thing. Either way I learned a couple of things last night, it is a LOT easier to run down a hill than walk, my new back pack ROCKS, Under Armor really does work! I must now find an Under Armor sweat shirt, I was neither hot, cold, or super sweaty due to having on a sweat shirt. What about you, what did you do yesterday? Did you learn anything about yourself?

First 5 k under belt for 2013. It was not the best or worst. 40:00 flat. I could not help but laugh when I got in the car and felt as if I was starting over at square one and realized it was 40 degrees and raining. I am here to tell you, THIS was the best day to RE start! Wouldn’t you say Rev?

Attended the Tastefully Fit seminar today given by Wes Stepp of Red Sky Cafe in Duck. Packed with information, and while the principles are what they are across the board it does not hurt to hear them again. It is no mystery that I like food. Lots of food. I don’t always eat the right foods. This I have a problem with. The truth is I have to cut the crap and focus on good wholesome foods that are as close as they are to nature. I left the club and went straight to the store and stocked up on fresh fruits, veggies, and lean proteins. My only regret is not taking Drake with me. He would have enjoyed it. Lets get this done!

Ate incredibly well yesterday and just missed my target calorie intake by 23, but considering it is 1200 I will not be flipping out over 23 calories. I will be very interested to see on Monday the dent that has been put into the 50. I wish I had taken a photo of last nights dinner.. it was HUGE.. the brat enjoyed it .. it was loaded full of fresh veggies, lean protein, and good carbs… and under 300 calories!

I think that if I had told him this is a really good dinner so just eat it, he would have turned his nose up given the ingredients, however, the dish was so beautiful that was his first comment.. THIS LOOKS so good, he wasn’t even concerned with WHAT looked good, just that it was and tasted even better according to him. Tonight, I am attempting Chipotle Shrimp, veggies and organic brown rice topped with fresh salsa. I hope it goes over as well as last nights.

I missed last nights Bootcamp (fear not I will be making it up Thursday at the track) and today’s DBBC because… I am “tired”.. that is what I keep saying that way tomorrow I won’t be “tired”, I am refusing to use the S word.. sorry I am not that I am just tired. It has made it a bit more difficult to actually WANT to eat but given the wonderfulness of what I am eating, I am not skipping.

It is a good thing this is a journey and not a sprint because regardless of the calorie intake total yesterday and today I feel like I have eaten a truck load and worried that the scale will be going the wrong way.

The plans for the rest of the week is as follows :
Wednesday Bootcamp
Thursday Bootcamp am - Dance Body Bootcamp 2 hours pm
Friday - yea need to figure that one out probably weights
Saturday - Frost Bite 5k
Sunday - Weights / Dance Body Bootcamp

I am also realizing that I TOTALLY MISS my noon kickboxing class at Knuckle Up. I am serious need of winning the lottery, or finding a rich sponsor that will pay me (or my memberships) to exercise. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!

Today is a week since I started this page. I don’t think I really wrapped my head around “eating right” until the following Sunday and started Monday so I had it planned to “weigh in” on Monday after a full week of healthier eating, I am not going to say “clean” because that just would not be true. I do have my vices. Anyway I couldn’t resist a peek this morning so I am throwing it out there and then on Monday I will do the “OFFICIAL” (drum roll please) 3.4 down. :)

Confession time: (cause you all know this isn’t just roses) this morning at Bootcamp after 2 rounds of bleachers and 2 crazy running on the track rounds (where Jay seems to think that I have more than one speed) we met up again at the bottom of the bleachers. At that time I was thinking oh ok… ONE more round of these bleachers and I am golden ( had to leave at 630) Then I hear Jay say .. Christine take your Apaches…

It took an incredible amount of determination (and the fear of Adam smacking me in the back of the head if I moved) NOT to move my feet and head in that direction. (not to mention that oddly enough Jay asked another team member if they would like to go with them (he turned Jay down and I am so proud of him for it) I actually stood there waiting on someone, ANYONE to say.. Re get over there. No one did.. the only “thing” out there on that track that all of a sudden did not think I could handle those bleachers again was the 5 inches between my ears and ONLY after another easier option was placed in front of me.

I think it says a lot about how unwilling our minds can be to push ourselves when “easy” is in front of us. It is easy to eat that cupcake… it is easy to run through McDonalds.. it is easy to sit on the sofa and isn’t it bizarre that our minds aren’t fighting by screaming “Nooooooo not another episode of American Horror!”

I am starting to really dislike “easy” and how my brain wants to take that path, but happy that I stood my ground today and had Adam behind me pushing my slow butt up those bleachers the last couple of sets. :) It always amazes me what other people see in me I am hopeful that one day I believe in myself as much as they see. Until then… I will just do the only thing I know how… keep on gettin’ it.

Let’s talk about food and recipes for a minute. A couple of you have already asked me for this recipe or that recipe based on pictures. I have to say each time I laugh. First because I am no chef ( I won’t even wait for the pan to get hot) and secondly because I don’t use recipes nor do I really pay a lot of attention to what I put in something.

Having said that, I base most of my dinners on the pile method. Meaning I have a layer of this a layer of that, unlike my oldest son, I do not mind my food touching or all jumbled up. Also there are staples that are used and those are as follows:
1. Veggies tons of them, anything and everything goes, experiment (I put turnips in my Jamican stir fry just to see what it would be like… I also mixed sauted turnips, sweet taters, apple and peanut butter together the other day.. see… i am strange)
2. Rice I have fallen in love with Seeds of Change Organic Ready to use Rice. Awesome flavor and quick and easy.
3. Some kind of lean protein, Shrimp, beef, chicken, fish whatever suits your dish
4. Seasoning! Because lets face it .. you can grill a hunk of meat and unless you throw some seasoning on it is going to taste like leather. To me the only thing you can cook that flavors just dance on their own is veggies. Again that is just me.
5. Limes… limes and more limes. and if you think you have enough.. buy 6 more limes. I put lime juice on everything I don’t know why I just like it. I put it on while marinading and while grilling and after it is plated.
6. I go through 2 or 3 fresh salsa containers a week, after limes I put that on top of everything too.

So here is the deal if you see something I post and it looks good.. you can pretty much reference back here and figure it out. My dinners are simply mix and match ingredients.. some might call it boring but it works for me. PS it is quick…

NOW you know how to fix Recoctions.

and Last but not least! (sorry this has been so long next week I will do a posting better.

It would be nice if Facebook still allowed “notes” on pages. Some of this I just don’t think you all want to see. Oh well sorry.

I saw that Leslie had posted her athletic goals for 2013 and I had planned to do mine on here by week but it does seem important to look a little farther down the road than well.. Sunday so here goes.

Here’s my list of athletic goals for 2013. I think you will find my focus is not even close to where I thought it would be. You will find my personal ones on my page pretty much :)

Sandy Hook 5k - complete
Frost Bite 5k
Flying Pirate Half and 5k Challenge
Spartan Mud Tip Toe
Outer Banks Half and 5k Challenge
Some other half yet to be determined. Still considering the one in Charlotte the day after the Spartan
Color me Rad 5k with my Things!
Storm the Beach 5k
Wesley Ashberry Brain Injury 5k
Kelly’s St Patricks Day 8k
Any other 5k I can manage to slip in.
Piloxing Instructor Training
Continuous bootcamp - I hope I did not just jinx myself
One surprise thing that will reveal itself in the next month or so

I am sure it may change around some.. things added and hopefully no deletes. As you can see my focus is on running.. I just don’t know WHY! lol.

Lunch is served!

One of the coolest things about cooking these amazing dinners is the next days lunch is equally as healthy and awesome and I don’t find myself stumbling around the kitchen and landing in a box of doughnuts! 

Excited for tomorrow’s frost bite 5k!

Second 5k of the year!

Up and waiting for my running clothes to dry! Knew I forgot something last night Oppsie! Feeling good and still excited about my second run of the year. Maybe a tad nervous too. Trying a new breakfast today before working out. Apple with tablespoon peanut butter it’s lighter than the oatmeal or bagel. Happy Saturday everyone.


So how much do you give up to get there…

Something is weighing on my mind this morning, how much do you give up to get where you want to be? Do you give up EVERYTHING? Do you measure by how badly you want to get to Point B and drop everything so that you get to Point B as the crow flies or do you get there in a longer period of time with a couple of detours here and there..
Frustrating. It’s frustrating to me because all of this is in my own head. As I am doing something that isn’t so great for me but I enjoy, I feel guilty so I am not enjoying because I am off track to Point B but if I don’t I feel deprived and end up annoyed and just turning around and going back to Point A.
Ok enough of summarizing do I quit drinking to get to where I want to be weight wise that is the damn question!
HOLD the PRESSES! Again I would like to say I have the most amazing coaches of all time. I threw out the readers digest version to my coaches and the response I just got back was probably one of the biggest break throughs mentally I have had yet. It isn’t the actual drinking that is holding me back, because the truth is I don’t do it all the time, I don’t do it every day (yes sometimes I do too much at one time but you can bet your butt it won’t be tomorrow that I do it again) what is holding me back is the mental aspect that “I am a drinker” or “I am a cookie eater” or “I am a coffee creamerer”. It’s what I am telling myself out there, that I can’t possibly get to Point B because I am not a tee totaller fitness junkie who eats chicken breasts and raw spinach only.
It’s me not pushing hard enough and just doing the work and getting through the time of camp because in my head is “I am the fat girl who drank too much wine this weekend so what does it matter what I do this week cause I will probably drink too much wine again and every one knows you can’t get to Point B by drinking too much wine.” When I asked Adam about why that ONE thing was so hard for me to stop when that was keeping me from point B that I wanted so badly,  his response hit me like a Mac truck. He said if you aren’t doing it all the time that ISN’T the one thing. I all of a sudden realized had I eaten a piece of cake last night I would probably have thought sweets were the one thing, if I had eaten a bucket of fried chicken that would have been the one thing, if I had gone out and splurged on a nice meal, eating out would be my one thing. When the truth is NONE of those are my ONE thing, yes I do those occasionally but not enough for it to be THE THING.
The thing is not what I am doing, the ONE thing is what I am not. Thank you Adam for in 5 minutes making me see that.
My ONE thing is “just doing the work” and not attacking it with relentless dedication.
I think I will invest in some Advil on the way to camp tonight I may need it in the morning! I have a feeling “relentless dedication” comes with a side of sore.
So maybe it is not ALL about what you give up to get to Point B and has a lot to do with what you give in.

Tumblr and Tumbling both have been put behind me...

So I tried tumblr (this is going to be funny in a minute cause I also tried tumbling last night)  and while I really liked the format I am hoping that maybe most of you were used to coming here, and that is why my traffic was basically one (Thank you Christen for being the one), however, tumblr is a bit harder to check your stats too. So back to the neighborhood I am. At least I hope that was it and it wasn't that my writing just stinks!

This week flew by and was filled with ups and downs, by downs I mean a full on face plant in the dark of Nags Head Woods last night. I will just consider it a little extra Spartan training. There was blood and everything. To go into a little back ground of what last nights work out was all about, we met at Nags Head Woods Parking lot right about dark and were going to run, yes run, in the woods, in the dark (there's a road), about a tenth of a mile in Adam dished out the next surprise, no talking, which meant,  no words, no encouragement, no cussing... I could see it now the team doing a million push ups cause really when was the last time I have been quiet for over an hour straight???

Off we went, next thing I knew the lower part of my legs were hurting again, it was a combo of the terrain and the jumping jacks (being on my toes will make it start) and I had to slow way down, I kept going, and I did not say a word, I didn't cry, I didn't cuss, I didn't say "Hey Adam THIS HURTS", I just kept going. I walked it off a bit, I shook it off a bit, and I was EVER so thankful for a coach who without me speaking any words at all had to have known what was going on some how because the next couple of sets of exercises were more geared towards loosening the legs up and not making them worse, complete with a set of my favorite stretchy curtsy things! And what do you know WHOOHOO the legs were stretched out and feeling great and I took off! (keep in mind take off to me means to not be a quarter a mile behind the pack but actually running close to someone).

It took me to the turn around point to feel good, but I finally got there. I tried to use some reasoning in my heats, (we were to always go back and get the last person and come in as a team) I would push to the turn around and recover on the way to the rejoin the pack, it seemed to work and it incorporated a bit of that high heart rate, lower, higher, lower, thing that Adam talked about on Monday. So here I am finally feeling like I am doing something and then there is this hill and for some reason it took my breath away and I walked up it, one of my team mates caught up with me and since we could not speak she just simply grabbed my hand and up the hill we went. Felt really cool knowing that encouragement doesn't always have to be words, a simple hand hold or pack on the back works wonders. So here I am running along and SPLAT! Face first in the dirt! My first thought was "well.. damn." My second was "crap two people saw this." My third was "HEY I DIDN'T TALK!" My fourth "is anything broken?" Fifth.. "hand signaling go go go I am FINE!" Sixth... "Run you dope!" So I did.. and I ran and I ran and I ran, some heats I was so close to the front and I just kept thinking don't let the girls pass you, don't let the girls pass you, and I didn't. Others I was more middlish.. but not one more time last night did I fall in to the comfort of being the cabooser.

After camp was when everyone else found out about my little mishap, because it was dark, and there was no talking, not even the coaches knew. However, my biggest achievement last night wasn't staying up closer to the front, even though that makes me pretty dang happy,  or not talking all night, or not even cussing when I tumbled, it was NOT allowing that tumble to get in my head. It would have been so easy to allow the fear of falling again slow me down to a crawl but nope I didn't! I had more determination to show that stupid old road that I could and would still run it even if it was going to try to kill me (ok skin my knee but still) and run it well I did!

cause we all like photos!
This week I finally feel myself getting back to where I was before the injury and it feels so good! Only good things can happen from here!

Later today I will post the weeks posts from the new now old now deleted blog for those that didn't see.

Much Love to you all.
Happy Thursday

Friday, January 11, 2013

Moving Sale!

For now Gone Coastal has moved...
to here! Re's Ramblings  - for just ramblings


to here! Operation TLC for weight loss, health and fitness stuff

I did not want my non facebookers to miss out on Operation TLC!

Much Love

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Operation 50 LTC in 2013

Now that we are well into 2013, it is time to get off my butt and make a difference! My goal is to make a difference in myself, as well at help others along the way. I am not what anyone would consider "coaches" material yet, unless you want to count the support I will give to anyone from the back of the pack, but I will get there.  I am not sure I am cut out to LEAD a group so much as just support every person in the group and some that do not know they belong in the group yet, again that is something that will sort itself out on it's own.

I am just home from a wonderful holiday with my friends and family in Virginia, sadly I did not get to see all that I would have liked, however, those that I did spend time I appreciated each second,  family from both my parents sides, to friends and "Friend", to the wonderful family that adopted my dad and now me, and yes the boyfriend. I unfortunately also feel like I ate my way through the entire trip, every time I turned around it seemed someone was saying "Let's Eat!" or maybe it was just me saying "Look! A Cookie!" in my head, either way,  I ate too much, drank too much and did not exercise NEAR enough! I know we all have good intentions when it comes to family gatherings and saying we aren't going to shovel it in like a pig at a trough, but, going home to some of my favorite things (oysters, crab balls, Richardson's chicken sandwich and sweet tater fries, fried fish, and really has my Aunt Ann ever made anything that I could turn down?? I would also list my mothers 6 layer chocolate cake on here but she kept it well hidden from me as I only had one slice. This list could go on and on) it is REALLY hard to say no, and I like many others did not. I am not here to beat myself up about it, because I truly enjoyed every morsel of goodness, but it is now time to "back away from the dessert tray".

I went back to Bootcamp last night, (in spite of the back that feels like has an ice pick sticking in it... darn bunk beds) and while I was not by any means fast, or proper (sit ups in that strange position didn't work for me with this gut) I did complete it. We were at the Wright Brothers Monument last night, so there was a lot of up, down, and all around work, but like I said I did complete it. One of the things that Coach Adam stated again last night was for us to find a target, a goal and to reach for it, sign up for it, to share it. For a few weeks now what has been weighing (pun intended) on me to do in 2013 is to focus on weight loss primarily, and we all know that to have good weight loss we must focus on healthy eating and fitness. As I sat there in the cold last night and listened to Adam tell us how cool we were for being the only group on the OBX out in the cold and wind last night giving it our all, I kept thinking HOW do I sign up for my own weight loss? I have already completed 2 half marathons (*there will be more don't worry that is NOT off the table) and multiple bootcamps so I wanted to sign myself up for something different.

My first thought was to sign myself up for one of those Charity payment sites, where if you don't hit your goal for the week or year you pay your favorite charity so much money. To me that seems a bit backwards and I could see myself not being happy that the charity wasn't getting the 25 bucks that week because I made my goal. So I nixed that idea, as I focused on words of the past, I finally had an idea strike me, post it on Facebook! I knew it needed to be more than just a simple status update, it needed to be something where I could talk about my goals, achievements and set backs for it to be real. So I used my Facebooking skills and created a page titled Operation 50 LTC in 2013. I believe I have it public enough that even if you don't have Facebook you an see it you just may not be able to post in it. Less than 12 hours after creating the group I have 91 likes and 7 of those people I am not even friends with so I am off to a good start with an amazing support system. I have had multiple people state they will be doing this with me. I only pray that I can be motivation and support they need to reach their goals as well.

I have some amazing things coming up this month, starting training for the Spartan in March, Piloxing instructor training, another (I have lost count of the number) Outer Banks Bootcamp Graduation, stay tuned for updates here and on Facebook about how things are going.

Welcome to 2013 the year I become my very own Before and After photo!
Much Love and Good Blessings to All!