Last Night Camp: Night One

Last night our night camp team embarked on the first of the last 12 night sessions for the season, this morning I thought it would be neat, since I do end up blogging about bootcamp most of the time now anyway, to journal about every session this camp.

The team met at Knuckle Up at 5:15 last night for our last minute sign ins and for some of us to just get over our jitters. I don't care how many camps or races I do my nerves get me before each one, it isn't even fear of the unknown any more I KNOW what is coming, oh hmmmm maybe that is why the fear! We were missing a few of the regulars last night as one is on a cruise and another had her childs birthday, so we will welcome back Anissa and KC on Wednesday, however, we did have about ten campers show up, and believe me just having the guts to show up is something to be proud of, we are not a camp of ease. You will be pushed to your breaking point and beyond just so someone can show you that wasn't exactly your breaking point.

As of now our new night team consists of myself, Joanne, Anissa, Cory, Mike, Kyle, Stacy, Micah, KC, JD, and.... (dang it I am forgetting someone I just know I am). Anyway we are a rather small group as far as camps go so I know it is really tough for Coaches Adam and Todd to keep us together as the fastest can double lap me in a mile. They deserve much credit for figuring it out and making sure no one goes home feeling they didn't get their work out in. The other thing I have noticed in the last few weeks is the team building that the coaches have put into our little group, the no man (or hmmm girl in my case) left behind scenario, camp after camp we have been going back for the last, or performing work that all of us can stick together such as the interval laps around the parking lot, which I felt has brought us closer together. While we do run and get spread out, I have noticed that the spread isn't a mile long any longer, the back group is making a gain on the front group, while I may never catch them I am darn sure going to chase them down to the best of my ability.

So off we go, right down to the stairs by the sound, which I may add were slightly no.. very slippery with icky stuff, someone should bleach those steps, said the girl who tried to kill Amanda with the ice on hers. We ran up and down those things, six times in between doing sets of exercises that the coaches called out as we hit the bottom.  I believe all but one of those exercises involved arm work (keep this in mind for later). After 81 squats at the end we take off again and we don't go far at all, and that is exactly when I knew what was coming, sort of. Adam gathered us all together and talked about how we should not take being out there for granted and that it was a gift that not all can partake in and that we needed to give it our all. He also stated that this camp he was determined to push us out of our comfort zones and to break the breaking points that each of us had.. (this is when Stacy speaks up and says Push Ups.. well I suppose we all had to learn at some time not to say anything, last night was her turn). Adam gives us direction on the next drill and it involves running half way up the end of the bike path hill, stop there and doing a set of something, then all the way up and do the same set, then back down. What was the something you might ask.. push ups. At each stop we had to do a certain Bootcamp Number and then repeat before moving on to the next. I won't lie, by the end I had tears in my eyes and felt defeated as hell. One I was doing modified push ups and I had thought I had gotten beyond those, last night not so much, and two by the time we got to the last 20 my muscles were SCREAMING in agony. (again keep this in mind for later) It doesn't really matter now because the true point is I did make it to the end. I did each and every one of those damn things even if my team did end up watching me in what I felt like was pity that I was so slow. (hey this is my blog and my thoughts.. if that is how it felt that is what I am going to write)

Finally we got that over and done with, next up Indian runs to the bank, not so bad, I used to hate these friggin things now I look forward to them. Why did I used to hate them? Because when we did the slow run before the sprint I could barely keep up and many times fell behind and out of line, now the slow run is just that a slow run and I enjoy that time preparing for the sprint to the front (not that my sprint looks much like a sprint and more like a faster jog but I can at least make it to the front and that is what the whole thing is about) Either way I am better at them than I was and to me that is a point for Team Re.

At the Bank we did (shutter) Monkey Crawls to each of the parking spot lines and dropped and did (shutter more) push ups at each one! Again.. last.. way last.. struggled like HELL TO GET TO THE END last. I wasn't liking myself anymore, but again I made it to the end of that. Box jumps and sit ups 5 sets 10 times each, wasn't so bad at all. I managed to get those in pretty good. Keep in mind that the first time I went to the bank with Jay Bowman, I could NOT jump up on that curb I was scared to death I was going to fall. Seriously could NOT jump on the curb with my feet together and if I tried I barely hit my toes. Last night full on jumps and feet landing completely on the curb! So again score for Team Re. (there is really a reason I am going through all of this I promise).

We gathered up our belongs, at which time I managed to grab what I could only think at the moment was a dead animal but just turned out to be an icky hat, note to self let Cory grab his own stuff. (giggle) and back to the gym we headed. YAY!!! It's over I survived I am going to go home and die now but I SURVI..... WAIT WHAT THE HELL HE IS TURNING WHY IS ADAM TURNING NOOOOOOOOOOOO Yup that is exactly what went through my head. Then I thought... ahhh ab work no biggie I got that. (pfffft didn't really have that either but that was my thought). First up.. Hops down to one end of the field and back, ok not so bad I don't hop that great but I hopped. Next up.. Monkey @$#%#@$# Crawls again... as I made my way to one end then the other very slowly because I completely suck at these dang things, all that went through my head was how humiliating. Finally finished that.. surely that would be the most embarrassing thing of the night, nothing like the big girl having her big ass stuck up in the air for what felt like 30 minutes trying to monkey crawl while her team stood there thinking... I have no clue what they were thinking but I am sure it wasn't that good. The next words I heard were even more upsetting than Monkey Crawl... Crab Crawl. I won't put here what I thought, or probably even said at that point, it probably was out loud, I don't even know, but down again. There is no point going into how that felt either, let's just say I have tears in my eyes thinking about it. I don't do well with humiliation or having people wait on me and I was dealing with both. It is quite funny because in the middle of the last crab crawl I heard Adam say "don't you quit on me.". I have no idea if it was to me or someone else but at that moment it was probably the closest I have ever been to standing up picking up my sweat shirt and walking straight to my car. I think sometimes he hears what I am thinking.

That was finally the end and I made it back to my car, as I left the field I felt defeated and weak and tired and drained and (que the record scratch) wait one damn ass minute.. I may have taken longer than the others to do a thing or two and I may not have taken as long sometimes but I did EVERY DANG ONE OF THOSE EXERCISES I didn't cheat myself or my coaches or my team and I even probably gave them some humor (picturing myself Monkey Crawling is down right funny ya know).
I am not defeated, I won. I am not weak, I am strong. I was tired and drained but in a good way not bad.  There were also a few things that played into last nights performance. On Saturday Amanda and I started training together with weights, guess what part we worked out.. Arms and I don't do no baby weights I do lift as much as I can and push myself to the point of "someone grab this weight or it is hitting the floor hard." Then on Sunday I attended and completed Piloxing training and obtained my certificate to train, guess what the majority of this particular class works out, Arms, Chest and Back! So when I showed up last night my arms were already like wet noodles, when I left they were much more like mush, this morning I am typing this with my toes. I didn't however use at as an excuse to stop, I continued and finished. So many times I wanted to say DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAVE DONE THIS WEEKEND!!!!!  I didn't I just uttered one not so nice thing in the middle of the push ups. By the way in case anyone wanted to know it was 232 push ups last night!

As you can tell it was quite a night.. the emotional roller coaster I was on during that work out was absolutely insane.. I love this I am doing it.. I hate this I am a failure .. I love this I am doing it.. I hate this they are waiting on me.. I love this I am doing it.. I hate this I look like a fool.. I love this I DID IT! Then as I was laying in bed last night trying my best not to move cause well.. it hurt like you wouldn't believe, something hit me. Interval training.

Let's define Interval Training shall we?

Interval training is a favorite of coaches because of its effectiveness in cardiovascular build-up and also its ability to make more well-rounded athletes.

Ok now lets read that again

Interval training is a favorite of coaches because of its effectiveness in cardiovascular build-up and also its ability to make more well-rounded athletes.

Interesting how that plays out isn't it.
Well there you have it my night at bootcamp! I am sure that each of us could write down what we did last night and none would be the same, but those are my thoughts.

In closing I have just one more thing to say...
Hey Adam and Todd since I survived last night ... BRING IT!

Much love to all,


Cindy Whitlock said…
Don't know how you do it but your determination and spirit is to be praised. We all know the end results - the self-esteem, not to mention the transformation of your body - will be worth every tear and body ache. I'm so proud of you - GO RE!!!!!

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