Iron Cross and a Weigh in

Who knew there was such a thing? I didn't until last night in the gym.

After a grueling hour of kickboxing handed to me by the wonderful Trainer Don Williams we finished up with a bit of ab work. One thing I hate to hear is feet off the floor, come on that mess hurts like the dickens. I know, I know, it is one of the only ways I will actually have muscles there and not this tire of flab I have now but OUCH! So one can imagine my horror when shortly after Don said "Feet at 6 inches" he followed up with "ARMS OUT STRAIGHT FROM YOUR SIDES!"  My brain went.. "Whoa dude are you kidding me? My hands are under my butt so I can hold my feet up the 6 inches you just asked for, now you want me to hold my feet up and move my arms out to the sides? That isn't possible, my feet will fall." Some how, some way I manged to get my arms out straight, so now I have my feet 6 inches off the floor and my arms out like a cross, and I realize. "Hey I am doing this!" Right up until he then says.. "NOW HANDS SIX INCHES OFF THE FLOOR TOO!"

You can't possibly imagine the horror of what went through my head, it is too horrific to even type, lets just say it was bad. My next thought was "dang it girl just TRY it!" I saw a post on facebook this morning that said the difference in Try and Triumph is just a little Umph, so I threw in the Umph and I be dag gone if I didn't do it! Here I am laying on the gym floor with hands and feet both six inches off the floor thinking "Dude I am doing it! I am doing it!" When all of a sudden behind me I hear Amanda say "Re Re can you do this?" quickly followed by "RE RE YOU ARE DOING IT!" It always amazes me when I do something that not even other people think I can do, but Amanda thinks I can do anything so to hear the thrill in her voice that I was I knew I was doing something way cool!

Not only did I do it, I held it for the appropriate amount of time. I have to say I am still in awe of that one. We won't discuss how ugly my form was in that second hour, but I will get back to where I can kill two back to back kickboxing classes and not lose my form, I am just not there now. My jumping jacks in the second class looked more like a drunken monkey excited over a banana than a jumping jack. This I need to work on. Sorry about that Amanda.

Anyhoo. Today is Thursday which means it was official weigh in day at Casa Operation 50 LTC, and for this week it was officially at 1 pound down for a total of 4.8 lbs since January 3rd. I will take it!
I am headed in the right direction and that is what matters most, I know I am eating correctly, I am working out correctly, and I am focusing correctly. Those three things keep me on track and are the true path to my goals. I do understand completely that the scale will do bizarre crazy things sometimes, mainly due to getting my grove in eating enough for the amount of work out I am doing, as well rebuilding the muscle that I lost while sitting on my rear end. So it's all good.

My biggest goal to accomplish right now at this very moment is not to get or feel defeated. I am not on the same path as other people, this is my path and journey, and I have the worst time with that. I am incredibly competitive and if I "lose" in my own head I have issues, this is something I need to work on because the plain and simple truth is the only person I am in competition with is my Old Self. Some days like today, after I have pushed really hard the say before, I hurt, like an all over body ache, and it is so easy for the Old Me to say, "dude you KILLED it yesterday take a day", the New Me says "nope nope nope go HIT IT AGAIN". In order to for me to win this battle I need to find the fine balance between listening to the Old Me in that Yes it IS in fact time to take a day, and the New Me who will keep going beyond the point I should. Today it is a good hurt, a good tired so you will find me tonight in the gym for another 2 hour bought of Kickboxing.

Have a great day all! Especially you snow birds in Mathews!
Love you Much


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