Tumblr and Tumbling both have been put behind me...

So I tried tumblr (this is going to be funny in a minute cause I also tried tumbling last night)  and while I really liked the format I am hoping that maybe most of you were used to coming here, and that is why my traffic was basically one (Thank you Christen for being the one), however, tumblr is a bit harder to check your stats too. So back to the neighborhood I am. At least I hope that was it and it wasn't that my writing just stinks!

This week flew by and was filled with ups and downs, by downs I mean a full on face plant in the dark of Nags Head Woods last night. I will just consider it a little extra Spartan training. There was blood and everything. To go into a little back ground of what last nights work out was all about, we met at Nags Head Woods Parking lot right about dark and were going to run, yes run, in the woods, in the dark (there's a road), about a tenth of a mile in Adam dished out the next surprise, no talking, which meant,  no words, no encouragement, no cussing... I could see it now the team doing a million push ups cause really when was the last time I have been quiet for over an hour straight???

Off we went, next thing I knew the lower part of my legs were hurting again, it was a combo of the terrain and the jumping jacks (being on my toes will make it start) and I had to slow way down, I kept going, and I did not say a word, I didn't cry, I didn't cuss, I didn't say "Hey Adam THIS HURTS", I just kept going. I walked it off a bit, I shook it off a bit, and I was EVER so thankful for a coach who without me speaking any words at all had to have known what was going on some how because the next couple of sets of exercises were more geared towards loosening the legs up and not making them worse, complete with a set of my favorite stretchy curtsy things! And what do you know WHOOHOO the legs were stretched out and feeling great and I took off! (keep in mind take off to me means to not be a quarter a mile behind the pack but actually running close to someone).

It took me to the turn around point to feel good, but I finally got there. I tried to use some reasoning in my heats, (we were to always go back and get the last person and come in as a team) I would push to the turn around and recover on the way to the rejoin the pack, it seemed to work and it incorporated a bit of that high heart rate, lower, higher, lower, thing that Adam talked about on Monday. So here I am finally feeling like I am doing something and then there is this hill and for some reason it took my breath away and I walked up it, one of my team mates caught up with me and since we could not speak she just simply grabbed my hand and up the hill we went. Felt really cool knowing that encouragement doesn't always have to be words, a simple hand hold or pack on the back works wonders. So here I am running along and SPLAT! Face first in the dirt! My first thought was "well.. damn." My second was "crap two people saw this." My third was "HEY I DIDN'T TALK!" My fourth "is anything broken?" Fifth.. "hand signaling go go go I am FINE!" Sixth... "Run you dope!" So I did.. and I ran and I ran and I ran, some heats I was so close to the front and I just kept thinking don't let the girls pass you, don't let the girls pass you, and I didn't. Others I was more middlish.. but not one more time last night did I fall in to the comfort of being the cabooser.

After camp was when everyone else found out about my little mishap, because it was dark, and there was no talking, not even the coaches knew. However, my biggest achievement last night wasn't staying up closer to the front, even though that makes me pretty dang happy,  or not talking all night, or not even cussing when I tumbled, it was NOT allowing that tumble to get in my head. It would have been so easy to allow the fear of falling again slow me down to a crawl but nope I didn't! I had more determination to show that stupid old road that I could and would still run it even if it was going to try to kill me (ok skin my knee but still) and run it well I did!

cause we all like photos!
This week I finally feel myself getting back to where I was before the injury and it feels so good! Only good things can happen from here!

Later today I will post the weeks posts from the new now old now deleted blog for those that didn't see.

Much Love to you all.
Happy Thursday


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