Final Winter Night Camp: Night 2

What can I say, last night I was totally off my game, got light headed before I even made it a mile (Thanks JD for hanging on, encouraging me, and sticking with me to the end of the bike path), then before I was even over that I had the nerve pain happen again. It had started sneaking up while running a bit faster than I should have from the start, I am a slow slow slow starter, and sprints (and I didn't even sprint I just jogged fast) were on the plate from very close to the word Go! The final nail in the nerve ending coffin was the (shutter) curb push ups, which leaves me on my toes and puts extra pressure on the area that hurts.

Either way, I kept on going and did the Indian run and then fell back a bit as slowing down to a walk is the only thing that helps the muscle decrease and not push on those nerves so badly. Many thanks to Coach Todd for listening to me explain what was going on and just jogging it in to the rest of the group with me. At that point we stopped and did 3 sets of 15 jumping jacks, 15 push ups, and 15 sit ups, once I caught up to the team I got those finished up not to far behind at all, then off running again. I am here to tell you that I was sooooooo off last night, my legs just did not want to cooperate. I have since chalked this up to a couple of things. First not eating correctly yesterday, 3 shrimp on the way out the door in the 5 hours before bootcamp is not enough and secondly my body is tired.

We made our way over to the church and I see my team doing the dreaded box jumps, remember those from Monday how proud I was of doing those on the curb, HA that was childs play! Last night those crazy people were doing them on benches like they were NOTHIING. I stood there in total fear of pulling a Drake (he did a box jump the other day and lets just say it didn't end to well, part of his palm is missing, he has a huge bruise across his chest and well his pride died a slow painful death on the gym floor), I just stood there staring at the bench and finally I HOPPED, about 3 inches off the ground. Pride slowly dying. Again I have to thank Todd because after he snickered at me (ok that part was in my head) he moved over beside me and said.. "Like this, use your arms, squat lower, YOU CAN do this" and low and behold BLAM! both feet up on the bench! While I didn't complete the 25 before Coach Adam had us swap to another exercise I DID IT! I flipping did full, whole foot on the bench pause in between box jumps! (can you tell I am a bit excited about this?)

Next up we ran a numbers drill with mountain climbers and then again with squats, Adam took a few moments and made sure I was doing those properly (I have a tendency to look down, always, no matter what I am doing, insecure much???) I can tell you with certainty that they were performed correct as my rear end feels rather ouchie this morning. And again we run.. just over to the back way to the gym then we stopped again did bicycles and another sprint (I am giggling each time I type sprint because I know you are picturing a sprint when all I had in me last night was something similar to a turtle trying to get out of the way of a car). We met again and went over the proper running form and Adam instructed us to work on that the next heat, I did, head up, chest out, feet up and dang if I didn't get SLOWER, but I made it to the next thing. At this point it is a blur, I know we sprinted again somewhere, and I tried to make my legs move but they were having none of it. I felt as if I was running in quick sand, having a terribly hard time lifting those feet.

Finally some how I made it back to the last stretch home and our final exercise.. are you ready for this.. 10 hops.. 10 push ups.. 9 hops.. 9 push ups.. 8 hops.. 8 push ups.. You get the picture right? I am not sure what the deal is with the push ups lately but if my back and arms don't look like Brigitte Neilsen's from her Rocky days by the time I am done I want my money back LOL, or at the very least the cost of the Advil I have been having to use. I was grateful to have Cory close by during that last drill as I considered just sitting there and throwing rocks, I am not sure that he appreciated my cussing much though.  I was on the last final jog into the field to meet up with the remainder of the team with Cory slightly ahead of me  when I noticed the team coming back. Crapola it was me this time they were coming back for, as I had been in the back all night. Yes most of the time I fight back tears when this happens because I hate that I am the one my team is waiting on or plain and simply the fact that @$#%#@$#%#$ I am last again. But someone has to do it right? Mike fell in beside me on the right and Ilona on the left, and those few seconds it took to get to field I already felt better about the night. So it was a rough night, so I got light headed, so I "cramped" my lower legs up (for lack of a better term because they aren't cramps) I finished. I did everything again and that is the only thing that matters. I did not use either of my issues last night as an excuse to stop, maybe I slowed down, but I would rather slow down and take a couple of steps that break my nose when I hit the dirt, but I continued and yet another step in the road has been walked. It never fails when Mike falls in beside me he offers an encouraging word and it helps me make it just a bit faster from point A to B and last night was no exception.

Adam had roughly 5 more minutes of training for us when The General himself spoke up and said that by executive order he was giving us a 5 minute break because that was one tough work out. Then he proceeded to say that the gap wasn't that far between myself and the rest of the group. While that made me feel better I was disappointed that Matt did not get to see me perform on a better night. I think (in my own head anyway) that I have stepped up my game again and have been performing better and truly gaining on my goals.

One thing that is different right now is my schedule, I have no set break days in my schedule and have 1, 2 and sometimes 3 training sessions in a day. Yes it is bold, yes it is hard, yes I do get exhausted, and yes I did have it looked at by coaches and trainers before I committed to it. I know that many of you are saying "wait what no rest day?", hold on keep reading. It is part of what I have to learn, I have to learn my body and know when it needs rest and when I can push through. On Tuesday I was rather sore from the weekends work outs and questioned my ability to perform at dance class that night and did a physical check, and decided I was ok. I was correct, I went and I performed each exercise correctly even the dreaded barre push ups. Yesterday I had bootcamp sorry that is not questionable I will be at bootcamp. However today I have double kickboxing classes this evening on the schedule, while I love my kickboxing, tonight is not the night to do those. Tonight my body needs a break and I know without a doubt if I didn't take it and I pushed through and I showed up at Bootcamp Monday dragging worse than I was last night, I would be beyond embarrassed when Adam sent me home. Next week I may be able to go 10 days without a break, but the key is to break when I need and I will continue to learn my body and how it reacts and interacts with all I am doing.

I will wrap this up by saying that today was weigh in day and I was not surprised at all to see the scale up 0.4. Given the soreness of my muscles they are retaining water and it will level out, I just need to continue to eat correctly and work out hard and strong and it will happen!

For now I leave you with
Much Love

Oh and one last very important thing many Congratulations to third time Outer Banks Bootcamp Graduate AND Honor Graduate Mike Slaughter, thanks for all you give while you are out there!


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