Operation 50 LTC in 2013

Now that we are well into 2013, it is time to get off my butt and make a difference! My goal is to make a difference in myself, as well at help others along the way. I am not what anyone would consider "coaches" material yet, unless you want to count the support I will give to anyone from the back of the pack, but I will get there.  I am not sure I am cut out to LEAD a group so much as just support every person in the group and some that do not know they belong in the group yet, again that is something that will sort itself out on it's own.

I am just home from a wonderful holiday with my friends and family in Virginia, sadly I did not get to see all that I would have liked, however, those that I did spend time I appreciated each second,  family from both my parents sides, to friends and "Friend", to the wonderful family that adopted my dad and now me, and yes the boyfriend. I unfortunately also feel like I ate my way through the entire trip, every time I turned around it seemed someone was saying "Let's Eat!" or maybe it was just me saying "Look! A Cookie!" in my head, either way,  I ate too much, drank too much and did not exercise NEAR enough! I know we all have good intentions when it comes to family gatherings and saying we aren't going to shovel it in like a pig at a trough, but, going home to some of my favorite things (oysters, crab balls, Richardson's chicken sandwich and sweet tater fries, fried fish, and really has my Aunt Ann ever made anything that I could turn down?? I would also list my mothers 6 layer chocolate cake on here but she kept it well hidden from me as I only had one slice. This list could go on and on) it is REALLY hard to say no, and I like many others did not. I am not here to beat myself up about it, because I truly enjoyed every morsel of goodness, but it is now time to "back away from the dessert tray".

I went back to Bootcamp last night, (in spite of the back that feels like has an ice pick sticking in it... darn bunk beds) and while I was not by any means fast, or proper (sit ups in that strange position didn't work for me with this gut) I did complete it. We were at the Wright Brothers Monument last night, so there was a lot of up, down, and all around work, but like I said I did complete it. One of the things that Coach Adam stated again last night was for us to find a target, a goal and to reach for it, sign up for it, to share it. For a few weeks now what has been weighing (pun intended) on me to do in 2013 is to focus on weight loss primarily, and we all know that to have good weight loss we must focus on healthy eating and fitness. As I sat there in the cold last night and listened to Adam tell us how cool we were for being the only group on the OBX out in the cold and wind last night giving it our all, I kept thinking HOW do I sign up for my own weight loss? I have already completed 2 half marathons (*there will be more don't worry that is NOT off the table) and multiple bootcamps so I wanted to sign myself up for something different.

My first thought was to sign myself up for one of those Charity payment sites, where if you don't hit your goal for the week or year you pay your favorite charity so much money. To me that seems a bit backwards and I could see myself not being happy that the charity wasn't getting the 25 bucks that week because I made my goal. So I nixed that idea, as I focused on words of the past, I finally had an idea strike me, post it on Facebook! I knew it needed to be more than just a simple status update, it needed to be something where I could talk about my goals, achievements and set backs for it to be real. So I used my Facebooking skills and created a page titled Operation 50 LTC in 2013. I believe I have it public enough that even if you don't have Facebook you an see it you just may not be able to post in it. Less than 12 hours after creating the group I have 91 likes and 7 of those people I am not even friends with so I am off to a good start with an amazing support system. I have had multiple people state they will be doing this with me. I only pray that I can be motivation and support they need to reach their goals as well.

I have some amazing things coming up this month, starting training for the Spartan in March, Piloxing instructor training, another (I have lost count of the number) Outer Banks Bootcamp Graduation, stay tuned for updates here and on Facebook about how things are going.

Welcome to 2013 the year I become my very own Before and After photo!
Much Love and Good Blessings to All!


Christen said…
I think the FB page is a really great idea. It will be inspirational to many, and provide you with feedback and support. You might find yourself writing a book along the way... So proud of you!

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