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Happy Birthday Aunt Ann

I am never very good at remembering birthday's so I won't lie and say I did this time, I had a little birdie remind me.

I would however like to wish my Aunt Ann a wonderful birthday TODAY, it's her 70th!!!! A special day, just as she is to all of us!

Thank you for all you have done for me these shots are for you. Love you much!

See the little sliver of moon left in the sky as the new day begins?

Lighting up the clouds with just a wink of sun

Have a super beautiful day and be sure to wish my beautiful Aunt Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Carhardt Coat and Ugg Boot Fund

After today's hop out of the bed and skip to the beach to take sunrise pictures it was very quickly brought to my attention that I need more on than shorts, tshirt and flip flops. I think a Carhardt Coat and Ugg Boot Fund needs to be started, do I have any volunteers to lead this effort?

They both must be pink of course.

I would really like to be warm while taking pictures for you all.

During yesterday's storm

Shortly after the rain stopped yesterday evening I ran down and grabbed this shot.. the surf was gorgeous!
There were quite a few of these guys out playing.

This morning's sun rise.

Do you see them???

How about now.. they were out playing and having a grand time!

Have a beautiful day everyone.... and let me know who has the lead on the fund!

College Football

Drake and I had never been to a college football game so we were more than excited when Phyl and Gary asked us if we would like to tag along for the day!

Here are some photos I took in no certain order because Blogger doesn't load them the way I put them in.. don't ask I don't know the answer as to why!!!

Yes I can find tombstones even at a college football game.

See that leg on 55 there? It broke.

I think FSU won because there was a whole lotta butt kissing going on.


As you all know sunrises are some of my favorite photos.. and sets but I have yet to go get any of those so we will focus on rises for awhile. These photos are from my first sunrise I went to watch.

I spent my Sunday morning watching the miracles that God had put before me and being thankful for the blessings I have in my life, including the ability to walk to see this in 3 minutes.

I glanced over and these guys had a front row seat... in the high seats anyway...

I watched as bird after bird landed as if to sit there and patiently watch the beginning of the day that God had made.

As the sun gracefully peeked over the horizon the flock of watchers took to flight to rejoice and be glad in it.