What do you mean you don't have facebook????

Our Home

I have created this blog for the photos I take during my OBX journey. I do post them all on facebook but there are some people in my life that just don't use it!

While there will be few words.. there will be many shots!

The Path to Paradise


To the Left

To the Right

Thinking Tree

Teeny Tiny Perfection

A little cold water didn't stop this guy.

I want to be her when I grow up.. minus the knee socks.



UP and AWAY!

Friendly Fishermen

Cactus Fruit!

Off on a journey.


foolery said…
Happy to have a connection to the beach, Miss Re. Thanks for your photos -- now go make more!
Rachel Fisher said…
I don't know you, but can I come live with you?
If I try really hard, when I look at these pictures I can smell the ocean. Aaaaaah.
I WILL be visiting. I like to invite myself to people's houses like that.
Capt.Eagle said…
So glad you are "home". Love and miss you!!
Gorgeous shots - looks like a wonderful place to live.

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