It's a bird.. It's a plane.. It's a flying whale???

Thanks to Leslie we have a visual of what we did in bootcamp last night, even though she did it this morning not that timing matters, the important part is the Flying Whale! Ok not really, the important part is that we did it! The Flying Whale part is just a fun little fact that Leslie pointed out. See the monument circle it looks like a Flying Whale. Maybe we can have Matt call this particular work out the Flying Whale from now on, it will make it sound less brutal that it really is.

The evening started with us meeting behind the monument at the airport parking lot and there was speculation that the reason for different parking was because we were going to be so brutalized on the monument they did not want us crawling across the road to get back to our cars at Aviation Park. Things didn't really happen that way. I was really happy to be back out in the open with my team and we all greeted each other cheerfully and did a warm up stretch or two.

Matt led the troops last night, and we took off at a nice slower pace a lap around the monument and then up we went. I was very grateful for the slow pace even though I still fell behind farther than the rest I knew I was doing the right thing for my legs. Starting VERY VERY slowly until warm up is a MUST or they just begin to cramp or pull again. I will admit I was slightly concerned for the monument as all the research I had done pointed to "up hills" being a major contributor to soleus muscle pain. That first trip up I took it slower than slow and I made it up, the second, third and forth trips up were equally as slow and by the second trip up I had to really pay attention to my foot fall as it was beginning to cramp. I did something that I rarely do.. I listened to my body and heard it say "Hold on there Lucy.. even this out, take your time, you KNOW what will happen next if you push it." (side note: I don't know why I call myself Lucy sometimes but I do) On one of the trips I caught Adam's attention and just said "Cramping" and got the "acknowledgement nod". The "acknowledgement nod" is a crucial thing for me sometimes, because the opposite of this is the "Excuse head shake" which means shut up and do more, try harder, you aren't giving it your all, and me being me, I would have pushed until I was in a pile of pain again. I really have to stop doing that or I am just going to continue to spin my wheels.

While we were up on the monument we performed the Flying Whale, it was a matter of going down each side, East, West and North, then back up and performing a series of one legged box jumps which this white girl with no rhythm never mastered and 20 squats. I really paid attention to detail on the squats and held my head and chest up. I know that because today I feel it! After we all completed the task.. (many thanks to Jamie for being there by me and getting me up and down that hill all three times) The General led us down the hell (yes that is a typo but I decided it was fitting and left it) and across the street towards Aviation park, I managed to stay closer to the group until we were across the road but then realized I was starting to cramp so I held back and walked a bit and took the time to take my sweat shirt off.. it was HOT! We were on our way to the track so I ran a bit and walked a bit until I made it over. I would apologize for being last in but it seemed that the team was taking a welcomed break until I made it to them :) At the track we ran 100's, 200's and a 400 that I was more than grateful to make it around the track for, seriously by that point I was pooped.

While those laps are not my favorite thing prior to, or during, I always look back and realize I did learn something and I actually enjoy track time. Last night was no exception, I learned I had more sprint in me at the end than I was putting out. I know what held me back, fear. I need to learn how to pick the wheels up that last quarter and not be afraid of a flat tire when relanding. I will get there. I also worked really hard on keeping my head up and holding ski poles last night, yes I did see a difference, and it is something that I have to work on because the movement itself is different on my shoulders. I didn't realize I was actually doing the across the body arm swing until Adam physically held my arms straight. The imaginary ski poles did end up helping me through out the night, on a number of occasions I caught myself needing to visualize them in my hands.

After all the track work it was time to head back to the parking lot where I did indeed want to crawl to, but I didn't. I ran most of the way back with the exception of one little pit stop to check on a fellow cramper.. there I go with the typos again but it is fitting as well.. CAMPER! All in all it was a great night, I came home nice and sore from the goodness of a well rounded work out but without the need to attempt to chop my legs off at the knees.  I woke up this morning and walked the dog without limping down the stairs but with the satisfaction of the burn in my thighs. This is the feeling I want to maintain, success without injury, workout without defeat, soreness without pain. I am working towards it more and more every day and my journey will continue. I still say 2013 is going to be MY year! The year of Re!

There was one tiny downside to yesterday, by the time I got home the shrimp salad I had waiting for me did nothing more than turn my stomach. I had a protein shake with some fruit and almond milk instead, which dropped my calories way too low because I missed an entire meal yesterday. I need to study and figure how to swap things around on bootcamp nights or kickboxing nights as eating is just not something I care to do afterwards. This is the second time this week this has happened, Monday was also the same, I had my turkey burger waiting so I could have it on the way to church and I only managed to get two bites down. Any suggestions on this subject are greatly appreciated!

Hope you all are having a wonderful wonderful day!
Much Love


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