King Mugley Outer Banx Haywood.... we shall call him Banx from here on out cause really does a 2 lb dog need a name that out weighs him??

Mallory and I trying to figure out if he has an underbite.

The little guy is napping in my lap as I type this and seems to be adjusting well to his new home.

I on the other hand will need some adjusting to the midnight and 2 am potty calls but after the 2 am break he settles in for the rest of the night and doesn't seem to mind sleeping in until 7ish.

I am sure there will be lots of pictures of the little guy as he grows up and plenty of stories but for now I will leave you with this... when he runs he sounds like a squeaky toy!

Please wait for me!!!

Shew.. caught you now pick me up!


Yes I know I am cute!


Daryl said…
OMG beyond cute ..
Country Girl said…
That second to last photo? A DORE able!

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