For the love of Betsy.. ok it was actually Christen...

but who is counting right???

This past Saturday I struck out on yet another new adventure, similar and close to something I had done before and something I will yet do again, sorta.

Some time ago I signed up to run an 8K, it was Saturday, I finished it without crawling. My time was by no means close to any "real runner" but the fact that I did it and did not stop running the entire time I think counts as me being able to say I am some sort of runner. (Just not the fast kind)

As many of you know by my request for prayers, my beautiful friend Christen has been in and out of the hospital recently and has under gone numerous procedures and operations. This past week was no exception, I wanted to do something to raise her spirits and just let her know how much she was loved, so I decided to wear a shirt I had decorated especially for her. My first step in this process was to find out her favorite color, funny enough it was green and considering it was St Patty's day I couldn't go wrong there.

Christen had no idea I had even done this until I was about half way through the race, I heard my phone go off but didn't know it was her until the end, but it was cool knowing that she knew as I was running.

This is the first in a long line up of races I have coming up, I don't plan on winning any of them or becoming one of the "fast runners" I just plan on doing them and having fun and enjoying my time spent with friends and my new Boot Camp family (more on that in another post as tomorrow I embark on yet another adventure).

I need to thank the people who believed in me and knew I could do it as well as the ones that ran the race with me, to list you all by name would make this a novel not a blog post, but you all know who you are. A special thanks to Amanda who matched me step for step during the whole thing and stepped aside and let me go through first. I love ya girl!! I would not be close to where I am today with out you.

I think it is safe to say that I am still enjoying my life here on the sandbar and I look forward to each and every day and it's new surprises and adventures, even when I don't know what is at the end of the Pier.



Daryl Edelstein said…
HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats ... my step daughter did a 'boot camp' and she loved/hated it so much she did it a second time
Christen McGinnes said…
I write this with tears of pride and gratitude. You ran this race for me, to let me know you care. I am so overwhelmed with feelings of appreciation and awe.

I must tell you, my dearest friend, that you learned several valuable lessons along the way. One is that you can do anything, anything you set your mind to do. You will be surprised who steps up, and in this case, steps back, to help you along the way. And only God knows what is at the end of the pier. As you learned, life is a journey, a race, a step taken. You did so with the grace and spirit of an athelete. From now on, that is how I will think of you, my dear friend, the athlete!

Keep on running. I'm right there with you, as you are there for me. Your story of this gift of friendship will be inspiration for many good things to come.

I love you.
Excellent! A week from Saturday we have the 10K. I'm not ready. But I'm sort of looking forward to it...
Country Girl said…
So glad you have Christen and she has you.
Bravo for you for doing this for yourself. so impressive!

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