Where I ought to be.

It always amazes me the connections that Bootcamp has with so many other things in my life, like how some random preacher kid last night made me realize what I was leaving OUT of Bootcamp and why it was so hard on me, well played Cody Harris well played. I know now what I left out all these months, or left at home, or left somewhere else. I do have to remember that God needs to be everywhere not just in church.

Prior to hearing the powerful message at church last night I was at Bootcamp, (yes I did go to church smelly and sweaty, and I was still welcomed with literal open arms!) and while we were standing in yet another church parking lot, (apparently I needed church last night) Coach Adam spoke about giving Bootcamp our all, about having a goal, about how bootcamp can make you feel so much better and for us to celebrate our accomplishments and be proud of the work we put in. While he was talking all I could think was, yea and I have now learned how miserable and bad I feel when I am NOT with my Bootcamp family. I can honestly say I have not only been miserable with myself since the half marathon, I have been also completely miserable to be around! No more of that, I am back and giving it my all, even though I am 17th on a team of 17, I learned last night that IT IS OK! That I didn't have to be first on the team, I just had to be out there giving it my all and serving where I am needed.

When I decided that it was time to go back to Bootcamp some people questioned if I was ready, most of the time I am, sometimes I am not, like when we are doing frog hops, my groin is NOT ready for frog hops! I did all but one however, and I still jogged back to the gym. The simple truth is mentally I HAD to go back, even if physically I was no where near ready. I also made a promise to myself (which I kept for all of 5 minutes) that I was not going to worry about, how many, how far, or how fast, this camp I was going to worry about technique and doing it right. Last night as we took off from the gym, I was in the back huffing and puffing and ouchieing but I made it to the gates and did the first set of INSANE FLIPPING run and drops.  I was in the back and didn't finish the last set because they were waiting on me but I can say this I DID THOSE PUSH UPS CORRECTLY! Adams speech at the corner was about running technique and making sure we were running the correct way and then the light bulb went off in my head.

I was not running correctly when we started out from the gym, I was doing the Re Re Shuffle! So as we left on the next jag of running I held my head up, picked my feet up, and leaned in just a tad and GUESS WHAT? I felt much better and didn't fall as far behind. So if you hear me mumbling to myself on Wednesday night don't mind me I am just asking God to help me do the exercises correctly. :)

Time to switch gears on you all a bit... sorry I have a lot to say today, it's been a while and while I had planned my post that you see above last night,  I woke up and saw this wonderful video on Facebook and knew I needed to talk about it as well.

The above video was created by the amazing Rev Jay Bowman. At the end he states that "a great leader takes people not necessarily where they want to go but where they ought to be" in reference to The General Matt Costa, and it can not be more true. He is one GREAT leader,  who got me to where "I WANTED to be" 7 months ago when I ran and finished that first half marathon.

The day I was told where I WANTED to be was at the finish line of running my first half marathon

Thank you Sir,  for not giving up on me and still pushing me after all of these months to get me to where I "ought to be". Thank you for believing in me, for believing in all of your soldiers. I think I can speak for us all when I say.. We our honored to have you lead the way!

Here are a few of the things I think of when I stop and think about where I ought to be. 

I ought to be able to beat my 69 year old father in a 5k.. and I did! Oh I beat the 18 year old daughter too.
I ought to have friends who love me for me, and I do! I love them for the same reasons!
I ought to finish not one, but two half marathons... ok ok I OUGHT to finish many more and I will! 

Thank you Sir for changing my life in so many ways in the last 9 months, all starting on a very cold, windy, rainy day in March when you said.. "She doesn't know it yet but she is going to run it!" You started your "Ought to" with me before I ever showed up.

Thank you Rev for making such a beautiful amazing tribute to our fearless leader, that reminding me of all of the wonderful things I have gained and have to be thankful for this Christmas Season! I am incredibly blessed just to have all of you in my life.

Much Love to All My Bootcamp Family!


Anonymous said…
Love the pic of you, D and hound dog!!!!

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