“Get Pumped” for the All Out Pink 8 mile Bridge Run and 5k

Good Morning my beautiful friends and family!

As you can see from the title I have yet another run coming up, this one is for in support of breast cancer. This is a run near and dear to my heart as I have watched and supported one of my best friends deal with this not once but twice, stood by in silent horror as another girlfriend battled it shortly after (yes I was a wimp and couldn't deal with it)  and countless others that battle it each day.

I am not one to ask for hand outs or contributions for things but this time, well sorry but I am.

I am currently signed up to run the 5k but if I can raise $200 dollars between now and August 29th I will ask to be changed over the to the 8 mile run. 100% of event proceeds stay local to the OBX to provide mammograms to women and men without access to health care. 

Even if all you can give is $5 all of it adds up quickly and can mean a life saving test to someone who is in need.  If you are in text, call, email, smoke signal,  comment, carrier seagull me,  and I will send you my mailing address.

Come on you guys you know you want to see me run 8 miles! 

Much Love to you all! 



Kim said…
Praying for you~ have fun!
Christen said…
beautifuly written campaign message. I hope you raise $2,000! I know so many people who's lives have been ravaged by this disease. I love that this money stays local and provides preventative care. Best of luck raising the money and with the race! xoxo
Cindy Whitlock said…
Need your address and who to make check payable too!!!
Maria_NJ said…
Hi Ann Marie...I'm here from Janice and I can send in a few...let me know the particulars...from one Ree(that is my little girl nickname, my Sis's still call me that)to another Re...m

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