Just a quick update..

It's been awhile since I have really had much to report or say for that matter so I just didn't.

Deanna and I are both still Bootcamping. She is doing really great, I am very proud of the effort she has put in. Me, well I am doubling up and now doing Bootcamp Monday thru Thursday and I wish I could say I am doing great but that would be like ... well lying. I am doing what I can and trying to leave it all out there, but the 5 inches between my ears keep telling me I am not doing enough and not keeping up and not getting any better. Yea it is a brain thing I get that but it is still frustrating. The cramps in my calves are back with the vengeance and I don't know if it is due to pushing to hard or not pushing hard enough in the past.

It's just one of those days.


Lisa said…
Not an expert but it seems to me your body is talking to you. You are A+++ Re and it sounds like you are doing more than enough.
Brains love to play tricks on you but the body rarely does. I'd listen to and take care of the body and perhaps the brain will catch up later.

My calves have been hurting too and I'm only running about twice a week tops. I blame the heat and a lack of trace minerals but I'm also not an expert. (My brain died years ago.)

Hang in there!
Christen said…
The body never lies. Do your calves ache from use or HURT from damage? Learn to listen with an open mind. Your body will tell you when to push on and when to stop. You've come SUCH a long way. Don't cause permanent damage and have to stop. Have you seen a good doctor? A check up with blood work may be a good idea. We want you in the best health of your life!


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