I finally found myself on a boat!

Considering 99% of my posts lately have been about Outer Banks Bootcamps or some run or another, I was seriously considering changing the name of this blog again but then figured why not just incorporate the other things I do in my life back in here cause they are interesting too!

 Aren't these two little guys just the sweetest???

Not my shoes!
You got her PeeWee!
We are going that way.. then this way.. then that way!

Just a few of my favorite people.

Even Banx got in on the fun.

We weren't the only Mathews Crew.

This past weekend I did go to Mathews as you know from previous posts but what you don't know is I made a little detour on my way home and finally after all summer of not being on one, I found myself ON A BOAT! Not just any old boat I was a proud passenger, race crew, team mate (something or another) on the Jordan Lynn. When you board the Jordan Lynn you are sure to find yourself two things, a good time and surrounded by great people!

We were at the Poquoson Boat Races at Messick Point and spent most of the time just hanging out in the river and enjoying the wonderful weather and making some silly memories that none of us will forget anytime soon. Thank you Jimmy John for once again getting us all together and sharing your boat with us.

If I die suddenly posting this may be why.
It's funny when you think about it, my family history on my daddy's side is boats, water, fish, boats, water, fish, boats, and water. I think it is something that gets in your blood by birth, and can in fact skip a generation or two, my daddy for example has NO desire to be on a boat or in the water, he will however eat any fish you may have. I, on the other hand, would really rather be no where else, if I could be on a boat or close to the water you are going to find me no where else. There is something so calming about the sound of a diesel engine, unless of course you happen to be racing and then well it is just exciting.

I got word this weekend that my Great Grandfathers boat the Ellen Marie has once again sold, I unfortunately have not won the lottery yet and it was not me that bought her even though I would have liked nothing more. I also heard that she is more than likely headed up north .. it breaks my heart to think about it so I am just going to say that I am glad she has a new home and hopefully the new owners will find many hours of enjoyment on her.

Good times!
I am going to close with a final thought today, through out your life you change, you are met with new opportunities and challenges, face them all with pride and dignity, but never let something new completely erase who you are. 

Happy Wednesday!
Much Love


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