Operation LTC 163

So I have had a couple of people ask what exactly Operation LTC 163 is, my response is the same now as it was then, you know how the CIA and DoD and FBI have names like Operation Tango or Operation Orange Yellow Bellied Scared Baboon? That is sort of like Operation LTC 163, even if I told you what exactly it was it still wouldn't make much sense to you so I will be like the CIA and keep my mouth shut.

Either way it is an Operation of healthy choices and positivity with me as it's sole member and leader. Over the last week or so I have posted a couple of status's on facebook that are worthy enough of repeating here (at least as the sole member and leader I think they are so bare with me ok)

In life allow others to inspire and encourage you along your journey, do not long to be those people. We have all faced our own battles and have our own scars, no one is any more perfect at being you than you are, and ultimately at some point in time most of those other people will end up letting you down because you have placed them on such a high pedestal. Just be you, one step at a time, and enjoy your own journey. ~Operation LTC 163
Whenever you feel like you might be on the outside looking in, look at the bright, side you have plenty of room to dance around and just be you! Operation LTC 163
 Hope everyone had a wonderful love filled day! Through our struggles and triumphs we grow and become more of the person we long to be. I am very thankful I have the freedom and health to enjoy everything this crazy thing called life throws at me. Even a bummed out hip can be a blessing, I never would have seen that beautiful shooting star this morning if I hadn't had to walk or had my friend tell me to use the time to enjoy what was around me. If someone hadn't said a couple of words i took the wrong way i may have missed the chance to clear the air with a friend. Look for the good in all things! Operation LTC 163
The purpose Operation LTC 163 is to help me keep my eye on the goal and to remember the positive things in my life. The things that I have the ability to do and change, that this morning and every morning in the past I have woken up, under a roof, with food in the fridge, and with my health. Not everyone in my life can say those things. 

I have learned so many wonderful things in the past year, all of which I wish I could share with you, but the most important thing I have learned and it applies to everything in life is this. 
"Don't give up... Don't EVER give up" ~ Jimmy V
This weekend I challenge you to look at negative situations with a new spirit, remember there are reasons for all, and that you have the ability and choice to change how you view it. 
Oh PS: this girl did TEN one arms push ups (yes they looked a bit sissy baby but I did them with my left arm) AND I am happily putting my hiney in size 12 jeans.

Much Love. 


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