New Attitude - New Journey - New Adventure!

I needed a little reminding of this!
Last night I realized that part of my issue is I am a bit depressed and sad because THE event is over, I called it Post Marathon Depression. Of course this also had to do with the fact I couldn't jump right back in the saddle and start training for my next event, and yes there is a next event, and a next, and a next! Add in a dash of little to no sleep since last Thursday night and you end up with one grumpy, ticked off, ready to spork your eyes out for breathing funny Re.

I finally got some sleep last night, had a weird dream about a half marathon that if you didn't make it to your mile markers in a certain amount of time you were shot on the spot (Matt Costa please don't get any ideas I can see us at Bootcamp now being shot by AirSoft guns LOL), but I still slept and I woke up feeling MUCH better about the entire situation. Yes it still hurts, yes I am walking like a zombie still (and peeking for Jason even though he claims he wouldn't rebar me), but the bottom line is I AM WALKING, I AM FEELING, AND I AM GETTING BETTER EACH DAY!

By getting better each day I am also getting faster each day, I may not be as fast as I was last week but I will get there quickly, last night I could even roll over in my sleep and not wake up thinking a Walker was nibbling on my leg, and today I got back up the stairs in less than 3 minutes, sounds like a little feat but trust me the other day I think it took me 15 and there may have been a few tears.

Speaking of getting faster, Coach Adam Swansen posted on Facebook yesterday the national average of finishing a half marathon that had been quoted in an email from, the title of the email was "Are you faster today than you were four years ago?" My answer to that question TODAY is no not really, but there is good reason for that, it is because on Sunday I WAS faster than I was four years ago, faster than a year ago, faster than 6 months ago! Not only am I faster than just a few short months ago, I am faster than the national finishing average of a half marathon which is 3:30:20. That totally works for me. My next goal in regards to a half marathon is come in under 2:30, if I had been able to run this one in same pace as my 8 miler a couple of months ago I could have pulled it of, but that didn't happen and I need to just move on from it, learn from it, and grow from it.

The decision has been made for me to lay off the running for awhile until my muscle gets better and is stronger, last night my beautiful Thing1 told me I have a habit of listening to what people tell me I should do and then go right ahead and do exactly what I want anyway (which 9 times out of 10 is the exact opposite of what 99% of the population of the USA would say do). This time, it's different and that is playing a huge part in why I am frustrated, this time I physically can't do the opposite, so I actually am going to take the time off. That doesn't mean I am going to be sitting on the couch eating bon bons it simply means that until next Monday I am concentrating on resting, icing and babying my leg until I can walk like a human again, and at that time I will hit the gym and work weights and modified classes until I feel like my muscle is strong enough for a mile run. Amanda and I came up with a plan yesterday evening so I don't feel so lost and out of sorts about what is to come. That had a huge impact on how I was feeling. Yes this is me saying I need a PLAN! (that noise you just heard was my mother fainting)

My ultimate goal is to be back to Bootcamp at the first of the year able to run and keep up with the pack and with much better form. Why am I mentioning form? Well because mine STINKS. The only thing I have going for me is a good foot fall, the rest of my body looks like a Telly Tubby when running and that is not good. As I laid in bed last night going over where I was now and where I am headed one thing popped in my head, WORK ON YOUR FORM. I physically can't move and twist and turn quickly right now but that does not mean I can not work on the technique of doing a sit up, a push up, a squat (that hurts even to mention it right now but I will get there), so when I start back to running instead of concentrating on how far I can get, it will be a concentration on form first and the distance will come.

I have found the silver lining in my storm cloud, with this time to work on form and strength come time to compete in the Spartan Race on March 23rd,  the Flying Pirate Half Marathon on April 14th followed by Country Music Half Marathon on April 27th I will be ready!

Back to Operation 163 LTC!
Much Love To All,


Christen said…
Love your plan! Rest, heal, recover and work on other things. Improving your form will improve everything else and make running that much more fun. So proud of you, my love bunny!

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