Boo Boo's Happen

As I sit here and reflect back on my childhood, I remember something interesting. someone in my family was just about always hurt. It may have been my dad, or a cousin, or a cousins boyfriend, husband, or wife, never a mom, but you get the picture. One of them was always limping around on crutches, in a cast, or sling.

They were not a clumsy group of people, nor were their jobs all that dangerous and damaging to their bodies. My family played hard, they were a family of athletes who left all they had out on a ball field. I also remember the frustration of the injured when they didn't get to play, while they were warming the bench beside me (score keeper extraordinaire here for the men's softball league).
I couldn't find a newer one.. I know I have then just not sure where. Yes they look a bit rough here.

I am feeling the sting of that frustration today as I sit here and draft up this blog post. I have also learned a valuable lesson. "Learn the difference between injured and sore". A week ago Saturday I had a little stumble on a trail run, nothing that I thought was too bad, just a off balance little stumble, catch yourself and run on. I had a PR that day even so I mean really how bad could it have been.. right? Wrong. I laced up my shoes the next morning and ran a 10 miler.. no biggie right? Wrong. I do recall on that run telling a fellow bootcamper that I hurt differently it seemed each time I ran and in a different spot (so even my head was trying to tell me then something wasn't right) but because of the phrasing of my statement, it was deduced that it was nothing more than my brain telling me to stop, so I carried on. Sunday night was up half the night because if felt like I had a toothache in my leg. By Monday I figured out my hip was really sore.. but just sore because of my blisters that were burning on Sunday's run so I over compensated and made my hip sore.. another brilliant conclusion by Re! Wrong. Tuesday I went to bootcamp and was in enough pain that I just couldn't run very long at all.. again pain because my gait was off.. WRONG. Wednesday back to bootcamp in the evening pushed through that without making too much of a spectacle of myself and I don't think anyone figured out that, well, I wanted to cry. (guess they know now) I spoke to one of the coaches after that and just had said I don't think I am going to do track in the morning. His response was "Oh ok.. I understand, So I will see you in the morning right?" Or something really close and he DID see me in the morning because I am stubborn and hardheaded and maybe a tiny bit stupid. I actually did ok at track day and yes it hurt, badly, but as long as I kept going I wasn't wanting to cut it off, it was when I stopped and had to start again that I was wishing I had one of Jay Bowman's chain saws to just cut out whatever it was that was hurting so bad in there. Still even after that morning I was blaming everything on an out of place gait. WRONG WRONG WRONG. When I got home on Thursday work was slammed and I didn't get a chance to move around all that much I was chained to my phone, so by the time the day was over I was pretty darn stiff. Feeling a lot like I was breaking myself out of rigor mortise I got myself together and went to the grocery store as I was headed on a trip the following day. It was in the grocery store that I realized that something was way more wrong than being sore. (that was the longest paragraph in this blog's history by the way)

So you wanna know how I finally came to the conclusion there was a bit more wrong? The only way I could make it around the store was to actually hold my hand directly on where my groin muscle is and push .. hard. Now for those of you that know where your groin muscle is let me tell you that is quite a bit embarrassing.  I mean I could not even use the excuse I was "adjusting my marbles".. I AM A GIRL I DON'T HAVE THOSE.  So finally I decided Googling needed to be done cause I really couldn't wander around doing what appeared to be .. well it doesn't need to be discussed what it appeared I was doing. Google search "pain around inner thigh after running"... returned result.. groin muscle blah blah blah.. REsponse.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

So there ya have it, not just sore, pulled groin muscle and let me just tell you if you have never pulled this little piece of work, DON'T.  Poor Kris and Brian wanted to throw me out of the house I am sure due to every time I had to go up and down the stairs it started with OUCH, getting out of the truck, OUCH, turning to put my feet in the truck, OUCH. I think you see how aggravating this was for them. I am sorry guys, I love you both.

The only thing you can do for a pulled muscle is, well, nothing. Rest. And I rest just about as well as I know the difference between injured and sore, I DON'T. I am freaked out, disappointed, annoyed, and aggravated with myself, why did this happen when it did, right in the middle of training for the half, an two weeks before a 10K that I was looking forward to getting a PR on, however, remember when I said last week that there is good in everything? It's true. My groin muscle probably saved Brian from having a full fledged heart attack because I was enjoying dangling a bit close to the edge of High Rock, and by bit close I mean full on dangling over it. Just imagine where I would have ended up if I wasn't wobbling around like a webble wobble.  And the other thing, I can now put myself right smack dab in the middle of my family of athletes. I got my first injury guys (with more to come I am sure) put a spot on the family bench for my hiney!
Every now and then I'm right up on the edge
Dangling my toes out over the ledge
I just thank God you're here

It's what happens sometimes when you lay it all on the line, when you are out there and all you can think about is the goal, sometimes we push just a little too far, but I truly believe that part of being an athlete is learning exactly where that line is. Also it is, having that longing to be out there working hard  and missing the training when you just can't.  A year ago if someone had told me to take it easy and rest for 7 days I would have been all over that and refusing to move from the sofa. Today... I am a bit different. I am sad I am going to miss a week of training and being with my bootcamp family, I am disappointed I won't be with the Blackhawks until at least Wednesday, if then, I am angry that I won't be running in the 10K on Saturday but instead walking, but I am grateful, this is only a pulled muscle, nothing requiring anything but a bit of a rest and then I will be right back out there pushing it to the line. Why? Because God gave me a gift and I am going to use it.. it's called Life, and sometimes boo boo's  happen.

Much Love,


Anonymous said…
test test
Anonymous said…
Yes, one must learn the difference between sore and injured. And balance the desire to train with the realities of life and your long term health and wellness.

As hard as it's been, I've backed off for the past 5 weeks and allowed my body to heal.

I'm extremely disappointed as I signed up for that Wicked 10k as soon as registration opened. I don't have another race on the calendar (I will soon) and was looking forward to finishing my first "long" race. But my health is more valuable than a finishing medal and time. I have no one to depend on but myself and being sick for a longer time doesn't outweigh.

While I love and adore you and support you on your journey, I'm happy to hear this injury will help you be more aware of your body and to not injure yourself. Although this isn't the first one . . . that nasty blister and fester . . . gross!
E. W. said…
Girl I am in the same boat! I have definitely hurt myself, more than just sore from training. I have pulled at least 2 muscles in my right leg, and cannot walk without a very noticeable limp. I am miserable not going to boot camp or running at all. I also tried to push through the pain, and ran 6 miles, and going to boot camp in pain, bad idea! I will take the time to heal, and then be back strong soon.

Good luck girl, hope to see you out there running soon.

Anonymous said…
MAYBE you will listen next time to the one with experience in these things....naw you didnt listen LAST time.....get better so you can chase me!........;) sheep.
Christen said…
I would like for you to take a page from my book - on pain and healing. Pain is a gift. It lets you know that something is WRONG. As you become friends with your body, listen to it's advice. You will learn the difference between sore (work it out) and hurt (rest and rest some more). A pulled muscle is a sign to rest. That means total relaxation, sleeping longer than usual, staying put instead of jumping around like a flea. Teach yourself to move gently. As you've learned, you hurt other places in your body by compensating for injuries. You've learned how to exercise. Now learn the other side of that coin. Rest!

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