52 Pick Up Bootcamp Style!

Yesterday was, thankfully, finally, my first day back at Bootcamp since my little boo boo (aka as the foot nearly rotting off). I have to say it was beyond wonderful!

We played a great little hand of 52 pick up Boot Camp style! Coaches Jay Bowman, Jody Long, Adam Swansen and Christine Da Mosta all gathered us around in a big circle on the sand and one by one a card was drawn out of a deck of cards hidden in a hole in the sand to prevent card fly awayage. We were to do the exercise associated with suit the number of times the card indicated with the exception of 2's (wild cards) 7's (break cards) and face cards (get your head wet I don't care HOW just get your head wet cards).

46 bicep curls, 46 tricep kickback, 46 flies, 46 burpees, 1 badly attempted head stand in the ocean ending in a snoot full of sand and water, 11 head first dives in the ocean, 4 Wild Cards, 4 30 second breaks (some how I missed out on two of those four lol), one side bar with the wonderful Coach Jody, a set of 5lb weights buried in the sand (which I finally found), light jog to and from the beach, and a couple of jogs to a house or two on the beach, I mean WHO WOULDN'T be happy to be back to all of that! I know I was and it appeared from facebook postings as the day went on all involved enjoyed.

I did realize last night while discussing the fun of the morning with a couple of the bestie's Amanda and Alison (yes we are a triple A force to be dealt with when we are together) that unless you are standing right beside me at bootcamp, or if you are a one of a select few I have NO IDEA if you are there or not. Isn't that strange, because there is not a person in the group that I wouldn't call "friend" or wouldn't help out if needed. I am just that focused. Of course I have some I speak to when I get there and I KNOW they are there but during the work out, unless you are right beside me, (like my dear friend and partner in comiserating was yesterday) I don't know how you did, what you did, or even if you did at all.

So more than likely no one notices when I do silly stuff either (unless you happen to have a camera on me.. errrhmmm) such as attempted head stand that end up looking more like just being on all fours in the ocean, or shirts that fly up over my head, or a side step over 10 paces cause you lose your footing when running the sand. There have been moments that I have held back out of fear of doing something incredibly stupid and having people just laugh at me cause I look so crazy, so this realization is a wonderful thing I will no longer hold back out of fear of looking silly cause the chances are that NO ONE sees me either!

At the end of the morning we were all standing under a beautiful sunrise having left as much of ourselves on the beach as we could give and being handed cards to remind us of this day, the beauty of where we live, to exercise a little harder, to eat a little cleaner (heavens I teared up a little as I wrote this sentence). I was handed the Queen of Diamonds, to which some stated that every time I looked at it I would need to head to the water, I won't hesitate as being close to the water seems to be the only place I feel at peace. I will admit that was not the first thought when I was handed the card, in my head I started to sing "don't you draw the queen of diamonds boy, she'll beat you if she's able" and considering my competitive nature it seemed incredibly fitting. I will own my Queen of Diamonds and it is placed so I can see it daily and be reminded of the place I belong. 

After completing my morning yesterday and heading back to kickboxing at noon, my fears of the last 2 weeks subsided. I have been in overwhelming fear that when I went back that things would be different, that I would no longer be part of the group, that I would no longer fit in, that I would no longer belong, all those fears seem silly now as everything was as wonderful as it always has been. In the next week or so I have a decision to make in regards to my next Bootcamp, I am already leaning one way but will take the time to really weigh the pros and cons of the situation. It is not a matter of where I fit cause I can fit in both camps but I need to weigh where my heart belongs and where I will feel most pushed and supported. Either way I will perform my best and leave as much of myself on the sand, the dirt, the asphalt as I have to give! 

Much Love to you all.


Lisa said…
You were all heart yesterday and did incredible! It was quite funny that your weights were buried. At least that mystery was solved!

I say you are right to go wherever your heart belongs :)
Christen said…
Wow, sweetest. Your writing is really crisp and dead-on emotionally. You are definitively "owning it" when it comes to being honest with yourself and with others. So proud of you!

We all knew it would be no problem for you to go back and fit right in. And you proved us right! I love the part where you discover that because you don't know who's around you or how they're doing, no one is looking at you either! This is the most important thing a shy person has to learn in order to get over themselves.

Cool idea for the exercises with a deck of cards. I love how your coaches always come up with creative and fun ways to use exercise as part of the adventure.

My heart soars for you in this adventure and how you are flying!


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