Our Flag. Photo by Christine Flip Flop by Re (yes I have OCD)

Today was one of the hardest work outs I have encountered at Outer Banks Bootcamps to date!

It was also the most amazing and enlightening day EVER! 

I know you are sitting there thinking how in the world could it have been the hardest and the best. Well I suppose that is where my brain is these days, the harder the better. Even better yet, not once today was I the "weak link" nor did I ever feel like I was being left behind or weighing the team down.  I left that beach today feeling completely exhausted and elated! Why? Because not only was I not the "weak link" NO ONE was!! Today we fell completely together as a team. We were there for each other with short words of encouragement, a little extra tug on the rope, a hand when doing sit ups in the surf, a high five on the run to the pier and back. Today we weren't A Stingray we were THE Stingray's.

On Wednesday we graduate, we will be together for one last run, 5 and half weeks ago I may have been worried that I was going to be in the back, or I couldn't keep up, or that someone would think I was holding the team back (ok ok I thought that a little bit LAST week) but as I am sitting here typing this I know that even if I am in the back (not that I plan to be Matt) that it is ok. I am growing and learning and becoming healthier and stronger with each and ever step I make. And while we aren't out there to win any races... yet... we are out there to finish strong and as a team.

To my coaches of the last 6 weeks, Matt, Adam, Christine and Jay,  you have my utmost respect and admiration for the time and effort you have placed in each of us with asking only for us to be determined and committed to succeed and to give you our best.

To my team mates The Stingray's thank you for supporting me, and each of our other team mates through the last 6 weeks there is not a single one of you that I would not call "friend" and trust with my entire being.
Stingrays! Photo by Christine

Yes this sap is sitting here crying while I type this, Kati said I was going to cry today, or that I might cry today, or maybe she said she was going to cry today, I think she meant out there with those logs but I didn't, she didn't, none of us did. We owned those logs. I think it was poor Brooke that ended up by me when we were doing the sit ups, (things happen so fast out there I tend to not really *see*) but having two non water people together doing sit ups in the pounding surf was quite funny but we never let go. None of us let go! We owned the surf sit ups too, even though at one point Adam yelled UP and the only thing up was my two feet straight in the air. (I wish Christine had a camera for that one)

At the end of the morning we stood side by side for one final beach front speech from our General and with my arm around Ilona and the rest of the team gathered around I knew my wish was for us all to be right there together next Monday side by side ready to become an even stronger unit. The stronger we become together the more of an amazing individual we will each be.

Much love and until Wednesday.



Laura K said…
:) You're doing so great! You've come a long way since that day back in January! I miss you and wish I was there in person to cheer you on!
Cindy W. said…
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I applaud your will and conviction and yes I am envious. You have accomplished what so many of us are afraid to even try.
K.Wilkins said…
I think it was I cried the last time I had to pull those logs around.
Christen said…
Wow. This is so inspirational that it makes me (almost) want to try it! You've made so much progress. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. To hear you say that it's ok to be in the back - that's a major mindset change. Good on you!

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