What can YOU do in FOUR Months?

Today I come to you with a challenge, a challenge to see how much you can change about your life in four months.

Four months ago was a cold rainy January Saturday.  I had told myself earlier in the week I would go by Knuckleup just intending to just check the gym out and see what this hoopla about Outer Banks Bootcamps was all about. Back up to the cold rainy part, when I got up it was a nasty nasty day and I decided I was not going out in the cold rain to look at any old gym I would just take a peek on Facebook and maybe I would go another time. So on the sofa I sat with Lifetime Movie channel already on..

Side Note: it was like 8 am anyone who knows anything about Lifetime Movie Channel knows if you turn it on during the day you will be sucked into it head first and you will NOT move another inch unless it is to get a snack.

... Laptop opened to Facebook and I decided now is a good a time as any to check out the gym, on Facebook, in my jammies, with my coffee, and my blankie. Imagine my surprise when I saw they were having an All Ladies Event THAT DAY! Imagine more of my surprise when one of the voices normally wandering around in my head told me to get off my fat butt and GO. I will admit that I didn't jump right up and go throw on my shoes, I had an internal argument with myself. Go.. NO.. GO.. NOT ON YOUR CHOCOLATE LOVING LIFE. Get. Up. And. Go.

As you all know the Go voice did win. I went, the first thing I walked into that morning was two incredibly energetic beautiful ladies who I shortly learned were, Amanda and Jordy. I had NO IDEA how much my life was about to change and how much of a part of that change both of these ladies would be. Then I met Matt and Morrison again two more players in my journey that at the time I thought were just plain old regular people. They aren't, all four of them are Super Hero's along with Adam, Jay, and Christine, at least they are to me.

Within an hour I had not only signed up as a member of the gym but also handed Matt the check for the Bootcamp Plus that began on March 27th. I figured if nothing else he had my money I would at least show up.

This is a photo of me that day.

This was my first Zumba class in OBX.
 Since that day just four short months ago I have done the following:
  • Ran 3 5k's
  • Ran 1 8k
  • Ran 1 10k
  • Ran a Half Marathon
  • Gone to countless Zumba and Kickboxing classes
  • Completed the Express Camp for the Half Marathon
  • Lost 25 lbs
  • Lost 3 almost 4 shirt sizes
  • Lost countless inches
  • Lost 4 pants sizes
  • Gained a healthier lifestyle
  • Gained respect of my friends and family
  • Gained friends of a lifetime
  • Had people BELIEVE in me.. truly BELIEVE in me. 
  • Gave up chocolate for 6 weeks
  • Done countless situps, pushups, jumping jacks and any other imaginable exercise. 
  • Dove into the ocean an untold number of times starting in MARCH. 
  • Shaved 8 Minutes and 33 seconds off of my total 5k time since March. 
  • Gone from a 14 minute pace to a under a 11 minute pace 
  • Above all of these things I !!!!
I am not about to ask you to do any of these things in the list above, that is my journey not yours. What I would like to ask you to do today is just decide to become a more healthier you. That is all I did that day four months ago and now look what I have accomplished. I am asking you simply to believe in yourself for 16 weeks, then look back and see what you have done. 

Day one to the day of the Half Marathon

Sunday with my friends at the Relay for Life Cupcake 5k
The pink shirt I had on the first day I went to the gym. The Red is my Bootcamp shirt I wear now. 

I took this photo yesterday in my new Outer Banks Bootcamps shirt for tomorrows Graduation, in my brilliant brain I was still and XL now I have a tech shirt that can double as a nightgown ;)

Tomorrow is the end of another leg of my journey, graduation day of the first bootcamp I signed up for. I know a lot of people would probably be writing a blog post about all the things they are planning to do in the next four months. Not this girl! After being on this adventure for the last four and not knowing where it was going and what I was going to be doing, I have learned...  I LOVE THE THRILL OF THE SURPRISE! 

There is just a few things I already know about the months ahead:
  1. I can't wait. 
  2. I will not give up. 
  3. I will believe in myself.
  4. I will continue with Zumba and Kickboxing (with a desire to become a trainer, there is it public now it has to happen)
  5. I will be standing in formation on Monday morning with the Stingray's 
  6. (and above all again)  I WILL
I can't wait to hear about how you changed your life on September 22nd!

Much Love,
PS (edit) Before you start thinking... "But that was you and you probably could do half of that when you started in January." On day one I could only do 1 push up, 3 sit ups, and could only run 30 seconds straight without thinking I was going to die, so don't tell me you can't!!!!


Anonymous said…
Thank You! I am proud of you.
I guess I am just truly scared to take the 1st steps in fear of failing.
Ilona said…
Everyone who takes the first step is afraid. Failure is only bad when it stops you. Otherwise failing is knowledge of what didn't work that time and an opportunity to do it again. F.E.A.R. Is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real.

You CAN do it!
Cindy W. said…
Well done my faithful friend! Thank you for the words of encouragement. Each journey starts with a single step. You look amazing!
Christen said…
That smile on your sweaty little face at the end of the race says it ALL! Your words are the 1,000 behind the picture. Oh yes my faithful, exercise loving friend - you have earned every bit of feeling good there is to be had. Love you so much!

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