Well... this is different!

First and foremost I received my official time yesterday from the half marathon. Apparently there was a computer glitch and it wiped out some of our times when we finished, I of course was one of those people. In light of the glitch I did receive a photo of myself crossing the finish line, I will warn you it is not a "pretty" picture but really would yours be so glamourous if you had just run 13.1 miles in less than 3 hours in the pouring rain??? I am gonna take a bet and say no.
Cool note about the pic, the girl in the visor and the guy in the orange smiling are my friends Amanda and Randolph cheering me on to the finish!

My goal time for this race was 3 hours and 30 minutes, by the time I got to the race I decided that was going to remain my goal time because that is what I had set, well that and not to crawl. Somewhere a long the way I must have had it in my head I wanted it to be under 3 hours, because that is all I focused on at the finish was the clock saying 3:04 something and really wanting it to be under 3 hours chip time. It was for that I am proud. I mean really I finished a half marathon with a slightly better mile time than I did the 10K with a rotting foot!

Ok it isn't really ROTTING it just feels ROTTEN. I have been going to the Doctor since last Thursday because well lets just say the foot looked horrible (you don't want the details trust me). I am taking meds, have had more shots in the last few weeks than since I was 5 and going to kindergarten, have soaked, cleaned, wrapped, you name it I have done it to get this thing better, having told you all of that so you won't yell at me (because I have been fussed at enough trust me), when the culture thing came back at the lab it showed I had a "heavy staph" infection. There is a good chance that some of you are now wincing or gagging a little, but the truth is when she told me I had a staph infection I shrugged my shoulders and said," Ok but it looks better when can I go back to Bootcamp?"

The good Dr Donna sighed audibly and said "Go back Wednesday if you PROMISE not to do ANYTHING (I didn't realize that by "not do anything" meant I wasn't supposed to be working either but apparently it does) until then, you don't push yourself to the front of the pack, you don't take off running, you come home and clean it out REALLY REALLY good, and you take another round of antibiotics (that make me feel like crap so I thought). I was so excited to be able to go back to Bootcamp and working out that I just totally agreed to all of her conditions. Figuring I would not abide by any of them if I was not accountable to someone, anyone, all of the bootcampers, I came home and promptly posted all of that on Facebook with a big huge "WAAAAHOOOO I can come back!"

See this is what is different (hence my title.. don't you love it when you figure out the title Partner), 4 months ago I would have been saying "WAAAAAHOOOO She told me not to do anything!!!" now I am like completely and totally bummed out! I feel like I am missing so much and that each day I miss I am falling back at least a week from where I was in my journey, that when I return I will only be able to run a minute, not 13 miles, that I will only be able to do 1 situp, not 50, that after 10 squats my knees are in such pain I cry, that I can't do real jumping jacks at all, that I will only be able to do a right round house 6 inches up, that my left hook will look more like a girlie slap.  I worked so incredibly hard to get to where I am, in what I have been told was an amazing time frame, and now because of one little blister (yes that is what it started out as) I am sitting on my rear end eating bon bons (not really eating bon bons thanks to the antibiotic kicking in I have no real appetite at all).

Anyhoo, back to the facebook posting, little did I know that a Staph infection is actually not like say an Ear infection, where you take antibiotics and it goes away, you go about your normal life in like 24 hours. Nope not me, I have to go all out and get some kind of crazy infection that can kill you. SIGH! I suppose if it hadn't been for some great friends and bootcampers I would be out there Wednesday trying my damnest to get through bootcamp, risking just getting sicker. So rest assured I have been told not to show up.. PERIOD, so I am not. I have also been told to cut my foot off, but I don't feel that is a good option for me. After some serious "talking to's" and a few really scary posts I finally googled Staph and sure enough this is some bad stuff!!!

So for now I am going to have to sit on the side lines and watch as my friends and bootcamp family start a new journey in Bootcamps or continue their journey in my camp. I read on facebook this morning that all the groups have been given names "Wahoo, Stingray (I think this is was mine), Jellyfish, and Bluefin" because I just want to be part of everything so bad I kinda made up my own little group "Beached Whale" which I was promptly told NO! and to NEVER use Whale to describe myself again! Thanks to my dear friend Mike,  I will be the "Flopping Flounder" until I can rejoin my team as the Crabcake.

Signing off to go rest (aka take another work call)
Much Love
The Flopping Flounder


Lisa said…
You will come back stronger and able to conquer so much more. What's a couple more days of rest before you "bring it!". You have not given up and you are as tough as the come! Rest up Re, next week will be a blast.
Anonymous said…
just think.....flounders are flat!.....so you will be too....a little break is not a bad thing....you will come back stronger...and who said you couldnt do situps and pushups at home!....;) see ya monday!

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