Clownfish?? Well okie dokie then.

I will admit the below image is exactly what the ENTIRE team looked like right after Adam said "Ok I got it, are you ready for this... (pause)... CLOWNFISH ON THREE!"

It was really quite funny as there was a pause and Adam starts counting and we all yelled CLOWNFISH? (Notice the question mark). I had this thought in my head immediately"is he making fun of us. Do I really look THAT silly running down the beach or road or maybe I look like a clown while trying to do sit ups or squats or dive into the ocean (no comments Amanda!!)"

Then I realized I probably really do, but at the time I did not realize that Nemo and his dad Marlin were in fact Clownfish and after a parking lot google session with Kendall and Brooke (I think it was Brooke) it was quickly realized they were and I was ok with that. I mean seriously why not embrace my inner 6 year old and love me some Clownfish.

Let's look at it this way, Nemo got a bit lost out there in the big huge Ocean right? Well for the last 40 years I have been lost in a big huge ocean of my own, called Life. Nemo needed help getting back home and he and his Dad Marlin found some of the greatest people errr hmmm fish friends that helped them both on their journey's to get Nemo back home. Now I am on my journey back to my own little "home" (safe happy healthy spot) and I too need a bit of help. I get that from my Bootcamp Team.

The journey his dad Marlin had to take to help little Nemo was NOT an easy one by any means, met with obstacles and fears but he NEVER gave up, and neither will I. No matter what I am faced with I will not give up. With hard work and perseverance Marlin found Nemo and they made it back home. Neither little Clownfish ever giving up, they had their goal in front of them and they kept striving for it.

It was mentioned that maybe we should be "Shark Bait" as that was Nemo's nickname and at first I was thinking that is ever so fitting as The General is always seeing shark out of shore and sending out there to play with them, much like "Shark Bait". Not to mention the name is just a bit cooler than err hmm Clownfish. However, after some careful pondering I realized that bait is not exactly something that I want to be. Bait gets caught, eaten and spit out. I personally want to be the little Clownfish that out ran the shark and made it home.

So too my fellow Clownfish out there.. lets Own It. Let's find our goals and not give up and make our ways "Home" regardless of what "Home" is to you. 

Not to mention I found out that Clownfish come in this kickbutt pink color!!!!

In the words of Dory let's "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming"
Much Love


Lisa said…
Love this post! I laughed through the whole first paragraph!
Anonymous said…
CLOWNFISH!.......just think....we are being chased by sharks...should make us go faster....middle girl!..;)

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